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5 Bags Every Man Should Have

The sight of a man with a bag other than a briefcase was once a rarity, but attitudes towards men’s accessories have changed. What was once a nearly taboo trend – man bags – has turned into one of the most popular
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What is Ultraviolet Light and How Does it Work as a Disinfectant?

It’s normal to be more concerned about sanitation and disinfecting during a pandemic. But not all methods are created equal. Learn all you need to know about ultraviolet disinfection, how it works and how to use it correctly below
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What the New Normal of Travel Could Look Like

We’re living in times where the ‘new normal’ for life is being redefined daily. COVID-19 has upended what was once the norm and has forced us to live within new boundaries. Many believe that travel will not be spared. Before we can daydream about travelling again, we should first consider what the ‘new normal’ for travel could look like.
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Eco Alert - How Sustainable Materials Are Made

Whether you're travelling the world or wandering around your own neck of the woods, there is beauty to be found in the world around us. However, so many of our streetscapes, parks and waterways are being choked by litter. In landfill, plastic takes between 20 years and 500 years to break down. So how is cloth made from recycling plastic bottles?
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9 Hygienic Travel Must-Haves

Our hygiene habits got a big wake-up call during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the same should be done for travel before you hit the road again. Travelling to new places naturally puts you at a higher risk of running into health hiccups, but many can be avoided by practising good hygiene basics, such as frequent hand washing, and by carrying the right sanitisers. Take your travel hygiene one step further while you’re on the road by using these handy travel gadgets and tools below.
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Your smartphone is a breeding ground for germs. Here's how to clean it.

The COVID-19 pandemic reminded us of how important good hygiene is for health. Regularly washing hands is effective at keeping harmful bacteria at bay, but all of this can easily be undone as soon as you touch your phone. Mobile phones are thought to harbour 10-18 times more bacteria than the average public toilet. If you’re holding one right now, don’t panic. We’ll let you know exactly how to clean your phone so that is free of bacteria and germs below.
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Travel Books and Films to Inspire you to Travel Again

If you need a little push or reminder of why travel is worth it, take inspiration from these brave travelling protagonists. We rounded up ten of our favourite travel-themed books and films with main characters that overcome adversity, encounter life-changing experiences, meet amazing people and come home transformed in a good way
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Six Travel Films to Inspire Your Future Travel

Films provide us with a sensory escape and have the power to move us. These six scenic movies are filled with cinematography, music and stories that call us to destinations all around the world. Get ready to get lost abroad without leaving your living room and be filled with inspiration for your next itinerary below.
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Unusual Australian Destinations

Australia is one of the most unique countries in the world. With sunburnt desertscapes, glistening azure waters and multicultural heritage, we’re truly lucky to be able to call this wonderland our island home. As restrictions slowly ease it’s time to start planning your next local getaway. Discover our round-up of unusual Australian destinations that need to be seen to believed below.
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