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27 products

  • Shop a stylish and current selection of useful bags and backpacks online at Zoomlite. From crossbody bags and shoulder bags for everyday use, to laptop backs for work and anti-theft bags for travel, we have a bag to suit all your needs. 


    The days when bags were simply an empty sack are long gone, and for good reason. We carry so much with us these days, and some pretty pricey items as well. It pays to keep your phone, tablet and laptop protected, whether you’re going to work or off on an adventure. 


    Bags and backpacks are now also optimised for comfortable and ergonomic carrying. Organiser pockets to help you find the right item quickly, even keyrings and LED torches are helpful additions you’ll find in the perfect bag. 


    For your everyday carry choosing the right bag comes down to picking a bag that has the capacity to carry what you need, in a style and shape that you like. 


    Travel, however, is a whole different matter. Tourists are often targeted as victims for theft. You also need a bag that suits the way you travel and helps keep you organised. 


    • Anti-theft features: look for bags with cable-reinforced slash-resistant straps and anti-slash body, to keep criminals from cutting your bag to get to your belongings. Pickpocket-proof locks are important if you’re going to crowded tourist destinations. RFID blocking technology is also good to help you avoid becoming the victim of identity theft or credit card fraud. 
    • Organisation: Bags, backpacks and even suitcases now come with multiple pockets or compartments to help you keep your belongings sorted and aid in finding your items faster. 


    If you can pair great organiser features with security features you’ve found yourself the perfect travel bag


    Crossbody bags and messenger bags are essential everyday bags that can be worn across your body. They are perfect for keeping your hands free and your bag close. 


    Tote bags and shoulders bags are your larger bags, the more traditional types of handbags and shoppers. A tote bag is a great way to carry more – perfect for overnight bags or mums who need to carry it all! 


    While backpacks were once the domain of school kids and backpackers, they’ve become the practical way to carry laptops and other work items. They’re great for your commute as they leave your hands free, and can feature modern conveniences like external charging ports so you can charge your phone on the go


    Travelling with a backpack is still common, either as a handy carry-on or instead of checked luggage. Backpacks with added anti-theft features are ideal for a daypack in a new place where you can be easily distracted. 


    Duffle bags are often the simplest of bags, with a roomy compartment so you can throw it all in. Perfect for sports gear, beach trips, adventure trails or even an extra shopping bag


    The time-honoured classic in travel bags is the suitcase with a telescoping trolley. Our hard-sided 4-wheel suitcases come with built-in locks, split-opening for easier access to your belongings and a durable outer shell. 


    To make your bag work for you, check out our collection of tech cases and accessory organisers