How do Packing Cubes Save Space?

How do Packing Cubes Save Space?Travelling the world provides amazing memories and dreamlike wonder, yet when it comes to preparing your luggage, the situation can quickly take a nightmarish turn.

Whether you are about to head to a business conference that could change the course of your career, or you constantly struggle to fit the wardrobe for your entire family, organising your luggage can sap all of the excitement out of an upcoming trip. To make matters worse, starting off a trip unorganised can leave you wracking your brain over how to fit all your newly acquired souvenirs when it is time to return home.

Enter: packing cubes. These are revolutionising the packing and travelling game, helping you make the most out of your luggage while keeping your essentials neat and organised. But - do packing cubes save space? And if so, how?

They sure do!

In this post, we’ll take a look at how packing cubes save space for any traveller, along with a few tips on how to use packing cubes to turn a seemingly endless amount of luggage into manageable, well-organised suitcases.

With the help of packing cubes, you can stop worrying about finding space in your luggage and put your full focus on life-changing travel adventures.

What Exactly Are Packing Cubes?

So, with all the hype surrounding them, what are packing cubes? Basically, packing cubes are nifty rectangular-shaped bags, produced in various sizes to fit within luggage like suitcases and backpacks.

These awesome tools serve as miniature luggage bags within your main luggage, allowing you to spend less time deciding where to put your jackets and shoes and more time thinking of that awesome vacation food you’re about to enjoy. The many benefits of using packing cubes are certain to have you sharing this travel hack with all your friends and family.

Do Packing Cubes Save Space?

Organisation is a huge part of packing cubes’ skillset, but you may be wondering - do packing cubes save space? It is safe to say packing cubes are up to the task.

Packing for a long trip may seem like an art form, but you don’t need to be Picasso to save space with the help of packing cubes. Packing cubes help you save space by allowing you to compartmentalise and compress your travel essentials. 

Do Packing Cubes Really Save Space?

From the first moment you begin packing, organising your belongings together can seem daunting. Packing cubes save space in your luggage by allowing you to meticulously keep track of how much clothing you are bringing along for each specific cube.  

Whether you have kids that have a bad habit of packing five extra shirts and no socks, or you’re a professional that constantly finds yourself digging through mounds of jackets to find a single pair of shoes, packing cubes really save space by creating small pockets within your luggage to keep everything organised.

How do Packing Cubes Save Space?

Every packing cube comes with a zippered closure, and pairing clothes of similar types allows you to further create space through additional tricks like rolling your clothing. Packing cubes come with a variety of options depending on your travel needs.  

Standard packing cubes are the perfect all-rounders that provide compression and durable material without compromising on weight. If you’re travelling to a winter locale or your schedule is loaded with upcoming business meetings at your destination, compression packing cubes are perfect for those bulky items.

Tips for Saving Space With Packing Cubes

Our lovable little cube friends may have answered the question of “How do packing cubes save space?” with flying colours, but the aspiring packing cube traveller will need some additional tips for the journeys that lie ahead.

First, Make Sure You Get the Highest Quality Packing Cubes in Australia - Right Here at Zoomlite

Aussie readers may be wondering: Where can I find packing cubes in Australia

The great news is that Zoomlite has been at the forefront of the industry from right here in Australia.  Zoomlite was born out of a desire to remove the stress from travel and backed by 20+ years of luggage experience to deliver the best packing cubes for travel in the world.

Sustainability is at the heart of Zoomlite, with a wide selection of packing cubes made out of recycled single-use plastic bottles. In addition, each packing cube comes with high quality zippers that won’t snag or break easily, making them a lasting investment in your travel future.

How Many Packing Cubes Do I Need?

How many packing cubes do I need?” is one of the most common questions for novice travel hackers, and for good reason. Every traveller has unique preferences and doubly so when it comes to different locales. Zoomlite offers four sizes for standard packing cubes, and four to six cubes is a great starting point to cover general use.

We highly recommend experimenting with what works best with your personal preferences, and once you get your own personal rhythm down, preparing luggage becomes a fun and efficient ritual to get you excited about your next vacation.

If you want to save money and  eliminate even more guesswork in your preparations, opt for a packing cube set or build your own bundle!

Roll Your Clothing to Save Space in Luggage

Rolling clothes may seem like a wacky travel hack at first, but the technique is critical to helping you save space. Thankfully, the method synergizes wonderfully with packing cubes, helping you to really save space and eliminating excess luggage.

Clothing can wrinkle very easily, and finding a reliable clothes iron away from home can be a hassle. Packing cubes help compress down your clothing, especially when rolled, stopping the formation of wrinkles before they can ruin your pivotal business presentation or that perfect dress you had planned for a vacation dinner date.

Rolling clothes also allows you to compartmentalise your belongings into each individual packing cube, eliminating stress when sorting through your closet before your vacation begins.  There’s no greater feeling than seeing all of the tops or pants you need for the entirety of your vacation all wrapped up in a neat roll tucked away into your packing cube.

Organise Your Packing Cubes Smartly

Keeping your packing cubes in order is the foundation to peace of mind once you are at your destination and living out of a suitcase for a week (or eight). Sectioning your packing cubes based on the types of clothing or other travel belongings you bring is key to staying organised, allowing you to quickly grab a fresh tee and sneakers without disrupting the careful harmony present in the rest of your luggage.

Thanks to the variety in sizes of packing cubes, you can easily designate individual cubes from small categories of items like underwear and socks, to large items like shoes, jackets, and even documents.

So, do packing cubes save space? With the proper organisation and a little bit of your own personal creativity, you can easily have a luggage setup that sets you up for a successful business meeting or the dreamy vacation you’ve been waiting for.

Final Thoughts on How Packing Cubes Save Space & Enhance Your Travel Experience

Packing cubes are the ultimate space saving tool for any traveller, providing that extra bit of assistance while packing. Whether it's a quick overnight stay to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or an exciting months-long journey to faraway lands, the stress of organising a suitcase can put a huge damper on your excitement.

Packing cubes are your knight in shining armour in the eternal fight against the chaos of living out of a suitcase, turning what is a stressful situation into a calm source of stability that you can use to amplify enjoyment of your travels. Packing cubes really do save space, and they can serve to change your relationship with travel forever.

Are you ready to jump into the travel hack world of packing cubes? Zoomlite offers high quality, sustainable packing cubes, including bundles perfect for beginners. The moment you find yourself in a hotel room staring back at a suitcase more organised than your closet back home, you will be thanking these helpful little cubes for bringing extra relaxation to your vacation.

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