Specialty Cubes

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      20 products

    • Packing cubes are the perfect travel companion for organising your clothes. But our baggage isn’t limited to shorts, pants and t-shirts. That’s where specialty cubes come in. Organise everything from toiletries to tech cables and accessories, shoes to underwear and bras, medication to ties, cuff links and dress shirts! Each specialty cube has a role to play in keeping your belongings sorted and protected


      Our shoes pick up all sorts of dirt and germs off the streets we walk on, and yet we just pop them into our suitcases to touch all our other belongings, even stuffing clean socks into smelly, sweaty shoes to save space! Shoe cubes allow you to pack your shoes away from other items. They’re also great for storing special shoes, such as ballroom dancing shoes, footy boots and dress shoes. If you need the space, you can still pack your socks inside your shoes – we won’t tell anyone! 


      We carry a fair amount of tech with us, particularly when we travel. Phone, tablet, laptop, GoPro, kindle and a drone are just some of the likely candidates. Each has its own cable, and some have more than one! Keep your tech accessories sorted, the cables from tangling (& breaking!) and fiddly little SD cards, USB drives and SIM cards from getting lost by using a tech accessory organiser. Available in an easy-access pouch, double zip compartment organiser or epic adventure size


      Finding the perfect bra can be a costly and time-consuming ordeal. Then you travel with it and the cups get crushed and the straps get tangled with other clothing items and stretch! With a Bra & Underwear cube from Zoomlite your bras can be neatly stored together to reduce the change of damage. There’s even pockets for storing your underwear. They’re perfect for everything from a girls weekend away to your next adventure around the globe. This nifty cube with its padded interior also doubles as a protector for anything that needs a little extra cushioning, like DSLR camera lenses


      Be prepared for your next business trip with a garment folder and tie case from Zoomlite. A garment folder can neatly fold and store up to 10 garments. With a folding board featuring printed instructions, your shirts and pants will be wrinkle-free and have you looking your best. Up your game with a tie case, to store and protect up to 8 ties. For a formal event or destination wedding consider the tie case with cuff link pouch – the perfect way to be prepared for that big day! 


      Buy your specialty cubes in our 4-piece set or epic 12-piece bundle and save! Want to build your own bundle? Check out our Buy 6 and save deal