Are Packing Cubes Worth it? The Truth About Organising Luggage With These Cells

Are Packing Cubes Worth it?

Preparing for a big travelling journey should be an exciting time, where you can daydream about your upcoming itinerary. Unfortunately, the thought of preparing your luggage can quickly put a damper on the excitement for many travellers. Maintaining a well-organised suitcase can seem like it requires a university degree at times, but there’s an open secret among seasoned travellers that will revolutionise the way you pack.

Packing cubes are the travel hack that travellers around the world are raving about, and for good reason. These sustainable little cubes serve to save space in your luggage, keeping all of your items organised and your mind stress-free from the moment you begin packing for your trip.

You may be wondering - are packing cubes worth it? In this article, we will dive into everything you need to know, including some of the amazing benefits of using packing cubes. Following the tips in this article, you will quickly become a packing cube wizard, allowing you to stop worrying and start enjoying your vacations.

First - a Brief Introduction to Packing Cubes

To start, we’ll answer the question that may be burning in the back of your mind - what are packing cubes, anyway?

Think of packing cubes as boxes within your luggage, granting you the ability to live organised while living out of your suitcase. Packing cubes come in a variety of sizes, giving you the freedom to mix-and-match as your travel plans require. Packing cubes compress your clothes and other belongings down just enough to grant you much-needed space within your luggage.

Packing cubes are the best friend of novice and seasoned travellers alike, and they are sure to become an instant favourite for your travel routine. 

Are Packing Cubes Worth it, Though? Here’s How These Cells Can Transform Your Travels…

In the age of social media, it can seem like everyone has a travel tip to share. Therefore, you might think - are packing cubes worth it?

Travellers across the world are flocking the packing cubes, and their utility is unrivalled. With the power of packing cubes, you can embark on journeys with well organised luggage, cutting down on the number of suitcases you need and keeping your goods safe. Best of all, packing cubes help cut down on wasteful disposable bags by providing an alternative storage option for dirty laundry.

Effortlessly Organise Your Luggage for Seamless Travels

In past travels, you probably have run into a very familiar sight after living out of your suitcase for a few days. Even if you took the time to organise your suitcase (not to worry, last minute packers, we’ve all been there before), your hard work surely won’t survive after hauling your luggage through the chaos of airports and car rides.

Packing cubes eliminate the potential for chaos by maintaining an orderly structure. Packing for a trip becomes much easier with dedicated bags within your bag for various clothing items, and retrieving clothes out of your luggage becomes as simple as enjoying a poolside beverage.

Fit More in Your Bags - Maximising the Potential of Your Luggage

Travelling should be a source of relaxation and excitement, so it can be a bummer to delegate so much of your mental energy to making sure your suitcase won’t overflow. Thanks to the power of packing cubes, you no longer need to spend hours before your big vacation deciding which pairs of shoes will match the rest of your wardrobe. 

With a packing cube for every part of your wardrobe, you can easily plan months worth of outfits (even if you are only travelling for a week) while still leaving room for any souvenirs you may find. 

Protect Your Belongings From Wrinkles & Other Damage Throughout Your Trip

Business travellers may be wondering - are packing cubes worth it for me if I am packing light for a one-day trip? Packing cubes are impactful even for the most fervent of minimalists, as they serve a pivotal role in fighting off a dangerous enemy to any traveller’s clothing - wrinkles. 

Wrinkles can throw a huge wrench into your travel plans. The last thing you want on your business trip is to pull a wrinkly jacket out of your suitcase just minutes before your big presentation. Packing cubes use compression technology to eliminate wrinkles at the source, saving you time from hunting down a clothes iron or needing to find a last-minute dry cleaning service.

In addition, separating your clothes into packing cubes protects them from the rough-and-tumbles that your luggage may encounter in transit, ensuring your business suits or cocktail dresses are in pristine condition when you are ready to wear them.

They’re More Sustainable Than the Alternatives

Zoomlite is proud to offer sustainable packing cubes, made of recyclable single-use plastic bottles which help keep the environment clean. In addition, packing cubes are a great way to store dirty clothes during your trip, allowing you to cut back on disposable plastic bags.

So, Are Packing Cubes Really Worth it?


If you are looking for packing cubes in Australia, Zoomlite is your one-stop shop for all things luggage, offering a wide variety of packing cubes. Whether you are brand new to the packing cube game or you are looking to take your luggage skills to the next level, Zoomlite offers packing cube sets in four different sizes and tons of fun designs and colours. 

You can even build your own packing cube bundle, allowing you to personalise your luggage to your heart’s desire.

Are Compression Packing Cubes Worth it as Well Then?

You may have also heard of compression packing cubes, but what are they, and are compression packing cubes worth it compared to standard packing cubes?

Standard packing cubes are amazing for most travel scenarios, but if you are heading to a winter destination, compression packing cubes come with an extra zipper to provide that extra edge for  compressing bulky jackets and formal wear.

You may find yourself curious with a question like - just how many packing cubes do I need?  As a general rule, we recommend picking out six standard cubes and additional compression packing cubes as needed for bulkier items. As for sizes, small and medium standard cubes will cover roughly eight and fifteen adult shirts respectively, and we recommend picking up at least one of the x-small and large sizes for additional items.

Feel free to experiment with your packing cube setup as every trip is a slightly different challenge, but packing cubes help remove most of the guesswork from the picture.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Packing Cubes

With just a small amount of practice, learning how to use packing cubes like a seasoned pro will come naturally. You can dedicate an entire packing cube solely for important travel documents, ensuring you will never misplace your passport or those amazing concert tickets ever again.

Packing cubes can also serve as dividers to create mini-compartments in between each cube. In addition, packing cubes can even help you stay organised at home, providing dedicated storage that eliminates wrinkles. The best part of using them at home is the ability to quickly throw them in your suitcase for your next spontaneous getaway!

Wrapping Things Up

Ultimately, are packing cubes really worth it?

The answer is a resounding yes. Packing cubes are your ace in the hole when it comes to packing for a trip, allowing you to stay organised before, during, and after your vacation. Organising your luggage with the help of packing cubes allows you to maximise space in your bags, keeping your belongings safe and wrinkle free.

Compression packing cubes even help solve the tricky questions a winter trip may pose, allowing you to focus on ski slopes or a holiday family reunion.

In addition, Zoomlite offers the best packing cubes for travel, with sustainable products made from recyclable plastic bottles, empowering you to travel while remaining environmentally conscious.

From first-time travellers to frequent fliers who know their local airport better than their own house, packing cubes provide tons of value and are worth the investment for your future journeys.

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