Compression Packing Cubes

      3 products

      3 products

    • Calling all overpackers! Are you the type of traveller who needs to sit on your suitcase to zip it shut? Compression cubes are just the space-saver you need! These nifty packing cubes have an extra zip around them, so that you can squeeze the air out and keep it out


      They’re also perfect for packing bulky items like puffer jackets and woollens that take up so much room in your luggage. 


      With our unique #TagIt label windows, easy-open sturdy zippers, breathable mesh panels and grab handles, they give you all the convenience of regular packing cubes with the added space-savings that you need. 


      Ideal for backpackers and carry-on only travellers where every centimetre of space is required. 


      Choose the sizes and colours that suit the way you travel with our individual compression cubes, or save with our pre-built sets. Our Carry-on Compression set is designed for backpacks and small to medium suitcases, while our regular 3-piece set will save you space in your large suitcase


      Up your packing further with our range of specialty cubes


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