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    We’ve got all your must have travel accessories to keep you comfortable and your belongings safe and organised on your travels! Designed to be lightweight and make your travels easier, you’ll be prepared for anything with Zoomlite. 

    Face masks have become an essential travel item, and we’ve got comfortable, reusable face masks that are easy to breathe through and look good! Get a 5 pack with a bonus pouch. Our face masks are dual-layer with a moisture-wicking mesh on the inside to reduce sweating and an anti-microbial coating on the outside to inhibit the growth of germs and bacteria. 

    Luggage locks help protect your baggage, but did you know that customs officials can cut off a lock to check inside your luggage? Using a TSA lock gives US customs access to the lock without destroying it. Available as 3 digit cable locks or 4 digit padlocks you get choice with a Zoomlite TSA lock

    Identifying your luggage on the baggage carousel can be tricky, especially if your case looks like everyone else’s. Our rainbow luggage strap will hold together your luggage if the suitcase’s zip fails, keep thieves from rifling through your belongings and help you spot the right case on the carousel! 

    Why wait until you get to the airport to see if your baggage is over the limit? Zoomlite’s luggage scale is a lightweight, portable scale that you can take with you! No more opening your suitcase at the airport and shuffling items between bags while all your belongings are on show! 

    Should your luggage miss its connecting flight, or end up on a journey all its own, it pays to have your bags tagged so it can find its way back to you. Zoomlite’s lightweight jelly tags come in a pack of 2. They’re easy to attach and come in bright colours to help identify which bag is yours. 

    A USB light is a handy addition to your travels, allowing you to use it as a nightlight or light source for reading. Weighing only 20 grams, you can power it off your laptop, USB power adapter or powerbank for convenience on your holiday. 

    There’s so many ways you can make your travels easier. From eye masks & ear plugs that make long flights more bearable to travel size refillable bottles to help you travel light. Check out our value bundles for great savings on travel accessories

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