The Benefits of Using Packing Cubes While Travelling


Have you ever considered using packing cubes to organise your luggage and maximise its capacity?

Not all of us are super-organised when it comes to packing, and for the infrequent traveller there's nothing wrong with a last minute fold and squash approach to filling your suitcase.

But if you travel regularly, we're sure you can appreciate the value of luggage space and knowing exactly where everything is when you get to your next destination.

The question you may have on your mind is, are packing cubes really worth it? Why are they better than the fold, label and stuff in a plastic bag approach?

Should You Use Packing Cubes?

Just like any travel accessory, packing cubes (or packing cells as they are often referred to) aren't necessarily for everyone, and they're not necessarily for every occasion.

For example:

  • Whilst packing cubes help compress your things and force you to show restraint with what you pack, they aren't magical. If they are over filled with items, they won't serve the purpose you want them to. So to get the most out of their use you need to understand the right packing techniques.
  • Packing cubes may not be as necessary if you are just heading away for the weekend and don't need to segment your belongings as much as you would for a long trip. With that being said however, there certainly is no harm in appropriately organising your luggage and making it easy to access while you are away for a weekend.
  • If you are just making one stop and staying their for your entire trip, it's not as important how well-packed and organised your luggage is, because you can simply pour everything out and get what you need when you arrive. But if you are regularly on the move, packing cubes will help you quickly access the things you need without unpacking your whole bag. Plus, as we said in the last point, there is no harm in being organised and maximising your luggage space even if you are just making one stop.

Still not sure if packing cubes are right for you? Let's take a look at some of the key benefits of using them while you travel:

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The Benefits of Using Packing Cubes

They make the most of your space

If you prefer to travel with fewer bags, packing cubes enable you to compress your belongings into easy-to-pack sizes that better use the full capacity of your suitcase. You will end up with less wasted space.

A well organised suitcase can mean that you only have to take one, instead of two or even three. This can save you lots of hassle when checking into airports or carrying around your luggage in a busy city. 

Here is a visual of how well a set of packing cubes can fill up your suitcase:

Packing Cubes

Bonus tip: The key to maximising your space with packing cubes is to roll your clothes, not fold them.

They keep you organised

Do you like to stay organised when you travel and know exactly where everything you need is?

Perhaps you already have a fine-tuned packing process you use when you travel, but packing cubes can help you refine that process and make packing that much easier every time, by encouraging you to replicate a certain order of organisation in your luggage.

They can also act as your your travel organisers and save you a bunch of time while you are away. How? Travel packing cubes come in different colours and sizes which allow you to segment your belongings and pair things together that make the most sense. When you need something specific all you need to do is go to the appropriate packing cube in your luggage and get it out, instead of wading through a mess of other things that you packed.

For example, if you know you are going hiking one day on your trip you could pack one of your cubes with everything you need for that day. Instead of rifling through your bag looking for your hiking boots, thick socks and water bottle, you will be able to quickly access everything you need from your designated packing cube.

This concept leads us to the next benefit...

They aren't just for clothes

One thing that is great about packing cubes is that they are extremely versatile. Some people make the false assumption that they are just for clothes, but that's definitely not the case.

Benefits of packing cubes - versatility

For example, you can use packing cubes for just about anything that goes into your luggage:

  • Your camera gear
  • Your toiletries (See our brand new hanging toiletry bag that fits perfectly with our other packing cube products here)
  • Your shoes (Check out our latest packing cube addition specifically designed for shoes here)
  • Your electronics

Whatever you need to pack can be packed in a cube for better storage.

Plus, they aren't just for recreational travel... Our executive set of cubes will help you look professional and stylish even when you are on a business trip.

You can use them time and time again

Unlike plastic bags or zip locks, packing cubes can last you a long time.

To keep them fresh you can put them through the wash, and their durable fabric and design ensure that they can help with your packing needs for years to come. Plus, they aren't likely to tear or fall apart after one use, like other homemade solutions could.

Warning: Just be careful not to throw your packing cubes into the dryer because it could damage them.

They help protect your belongings

Have you ever had something from your toiletries leak and ruin your clothes?

This is a really common occurrence, especially if you are flying to your travel destination. Bag handlers more often than not don't treat your luggage with the same care you would.

If you pack your toiletries or any other liquids in a separate packing cube from your clothes, it can save you the drama of dealing with leaks and runs that could ruin the rest of your belongings. And your trip!

They assist in looking after the environment

The benefits we've discussed so far are focused around you as the traveller. But the added benefit of using packing cells instead of plastic bags, that are not re-usable, is that it helps protect the environment.

The less plastic bags that are being used and thrown away, the less ill-effect your travels will have on mother nature.

For more tips on using packing cubes read this article.


The benefits of using packing cubes go beyond what we could talk about in a single blog post. But as you can see they could be the perfect accompaniment to your next holiday or escape.

If you want to remove the stress of a cluttered suitcase and make the most of your limited packing space, a set of versatile packing cubes might be a great next step in your travelling journey.

What benefits have you seen from using packing cubes?

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