Travel In Style: Style Tips For The Safety Conscious Female Traveller

If you're a regular female traveller, there is no doubt that safety is a top priority. Especially if you're travelling alone.

But how do you travel in style while still taking the necessary precautions to stay safe?

What we found whilst researching for this article, is that there are a bunch of helpful tips and resources available on travel safety, but there isn't much out there that brings style into the equation as well. So we felt compelled to combine the two.

The following tips are designed to help an adventurous female traveller stay cautious and safe, while still looking and feeling stylish.

Let's have a look.

Get Creative With Your Accessories 

Drawing attention to yourself by wearing premium brand-label clothes and accessories in tourist locations can increase your chance of getting exposed to theft.

One thing you can do to add a touch of style to your outfit, without setting off alarm bells with thieves, is to wear an inexpensive scarf or other basic accessories you have picked up on your journey.

For example, instead of wearing your favourite gold bracelet, wear a hand crafted bracelet from the local market. It will not only provide you with a stylish new look, but will also save you from being in a situation where someone may threaten your life for jewellery.

Blend Into The Local Style

One way to avoid drawing attention to yourself while travelling, is to try to blend into the local style.

Whether you are in India, visiting Thailand, or walking the streets of Paris, wear something similar to what the locals are wearing.

It will hopefully help you go unnoticed to the untrained eye in local areas. Plus, there's no harm in embracing a new style and immersing in the cultural experience.

Organise Your Bag Into Segments

If your bag is disorganised, it can cause a number of issues related to theft. For example, if you are constantly fumbling through your belongings looking for something in a public area, thieves will spot an opportunity.

Keeping your things organised, by using packing cubes or nicely segmented bags such as the one above, can put your most valuable items in a more hidden compartment, as well as quickly finding the things you need when you need them.

The key to staying organised and stylish at the same time is to pick a versatile bag that still looks great!

Make Use Of Secure Stylish Handbags

Speaking of versatile bags that look great, you may want to consider buying a secure handbag for your next trip.

Secure handbags provide protection for female travellers in a number of different ways:

  • They are made with slash-resistant material
  • They are designed with RFID blocking technology
  • They have lockable compartments for your valuables

At Zoomlite we've combined style, functionality and security all into one. So you don't need to make a style-sacrifice to stay safe any more.

Consider A Cross-Body Bag 

A cross-body bag can not only be stylish, it can also help to protect you from your items being stolen.

Not only is it harder for a thief to rip it off your shoulder, but you can also feel the presence of your purse against you and hold it close should you feel threatened.

It's easier to see your items at all times and can mean the difference between losing your belongings or not.

Also, it's easy to run while keeping your belongings close, should danger warrant a quick escape.

Opt for Flats Or Runners

Of course we hope it never comes to this, but if you absolutely have to escape a dangerous situation while travelling it's best to be prepared with flat shoes or runners. It's hard to make a run for it with a set of high heels on!

If you choose to wear a pair of comfortable flats, or stylish runners, your getaway becomes much easier. The cool thing is, this style is in at the moment. So you don't need to sacrifice style for safety just because you aren't wearing heels!

While you may be able to wear heels for a night out with friends, when it comes to exploring the city or sights on your own, it's best to wear shoes that are easy to run or walk fast in.


Being a safe female traveller doesn't mean that you have to wear ugly waist pouches or dress awkwardly.

There are plenty of options for staying safe while still making a statement with your style.

What tips do you have for staying safe, but still managing to travel in style?

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  • Norma Niles

    If you have a bag over your body put your jacket on over it too. I have done this in America and Asia, l am 79. Have been travelling for 36 years. No robberies.

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