What is RFID? Why is it unsafe? RFID chips are used to store information on credit cards, transport cards (like Tap and go, payWave, Opal, Myki and Go) and ID such as passports. They are often used in place of barcodes and magnetic strips because they can hold more information and are easier to use. A discrete portable reader can access the chip from several metres away. The downside is that sometimes the wrong people are getting access to the information stored on the RFID chips. 

How do I protect myself from identify theft and credit card fraud? A basic way to protect yourself is with an RFID blocking wallet. The wallet discretely covers either all of the wallet, or certain sections, from being scanned. This way the information stored on the RFID chip, such as your name, address, date of birth, credit card number and so much more, are protected. 

Zoomlite RFID wallets don’t require any activation, you simply put your cards into the wallet and away you go

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