Top Tips to Survive Travel Chaos

As post-pandemic travel continues to soar, so do fears of lost luggage at airports. According to reports, Qantas is currently losing one in ten bags in Sydney after outsourcing 1,700 jobs during the pandemic. Airport staff shortages, however, are a global phenomenon at the moment and it has the potential to completely disrupt your plans. Imagine jetting off to Bali for a relaxing holiday, only to realise that your checked-in baggage is Dubai bound. While situations like these can be a chaotic nightmare, the following tips and tricks may ensure your dream holiday runs according to plan. 

  • Label your Luggage: Make sure to add a luggage tag with your name and phone number so that your airline can easily identify it as yours. Take photos of your luggage and store them in your phone, especially if they were bought recently, in case you forget what your cases look like. Remove barcode stickers from previous trips to avoid confusing baggage handlers.
  • Track Your Bags: Pop a small tracking device, such as the AirTag or Tile, inside your luggage and your phone will track its location. This tip comes in handy when your luggage is nowhere to be seen upon your arrival and airline customer service is unresponsive. Countless air travellers have located their belongings with the use of these Bluetooth trackers off-late.
  • Pack Smart: Sufficient planning and organisation prior to your flight can ensure you pack the right stuff in the right cases. Of course, our Zoomlite curated packing list covers the basics, but amid extreme airport chaos, there are a few extra things to keep in mind.

    Importantly, valuables and irreplaceable items should be placed in your carry-on or, better yet, at home. In the event that your checked-in baggage vanishes into oblivion, at least expensive or sentimental items will not be lost. In addition, if your luggage arrives late to your holiday, an extra change of clothes, medication, and other essential items inside your carry-on will serve you well.
💡 Pro Tip

Add a unique identifying factor to your bags such as a bright ribbon or sticker, but make sure it is firmly secured to the bag and there are no loose bits and pieces otherwise they may get pulled or torn in transportation.

  • Travel Insurance: Make sure you get adequate travel insurance that covers you for cancellations and delays. It is a good idea to take out cover for Covid-19 and any related disruptions. Always check your insurance policy before flying out and make sure to read the fine print.
    Take pictures of any valuables that you may be packing in your luggage, to assist with any future insurance claims.
  • Carry-On Only: Scared of losing checked-in luggage? Don’t check-in in the first place. Pack so light and tight that your carry-on will suffice. Our Road Warrior Carry-on backpack is designed for just that. The Road Warrior bundle gives you a complete carry on backpack that you can pack like a suitcase and comes bundled with a tech organiser, toiletry bag and some cubes to keep everything organised in your backpack. 

    Zoomlite compression cubes will condense your belongings so that you can fit more in less. Maximise outfit combinations, prioritise essentials and consider buying necessary items at your destination. Planning is key!

  • Avoid Transit: If you must check-in your luggage, avoid a multi-leg flight journey. Baggage misplacements and errors are more likely to occur in the plane-to-plane transfer process. If transit is a must, ensure a lengthy one so there is enough time for your bags to follow you on your journey.
  • Act Immediately: If your baggage does not arrive when you do, notify the airline staff at the airport before you leave. It may be a very difficult and long process to get in touch with airline customer service over the phone.

After 2.5 years of travel restrictions and grounded planes, our first taste of freedom should not be ruined by the bitterness of lost luggage. Follow the above and you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday come what may.

Have you travelled recently? What are your tips and tricks for coping with airport chaos?

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