How to Choose the Perfect Work Bag

Having a work bag that supports your weekday routine should help you seamlessly commute, work and play – if you choose the right bag. There’s more to consider than you may think. Keep reading and we’ll show you how to navigate the world of work bags.

  1. How do you commute?

    How you commute to work is a massive factor relating to comfort. If you have a long walk or cycle to work, a breathable backpack will keep you the most comfortable. If you drive or take public transport, something more relaxed can work. If you like to stay productive and work during your commute, you’ll want something super-organised that will make it easy to work on your lap while on the train or bus.
  2. What do you need to bring?

     Think about what your typical workday entails – not just at work, but any commitments that you have straight after too. What you bring will determine some of the compartment features and how big your work bag needs to be.Do you bring your laptop with you? If so, you’ll want a bag with a compartment that keeps it protected. Do you carry gym clothes or activewear so that you can go to the gym on your way home? Are your work documents heavy? Would it be more comfortable to carry things on your back? Make sure you have a good understanding of what needs to go into the bag before you buy, so that you get the size right.
  3. Style

    Last but not least – consider your style and the dress requirements of your office. If you work in a very corporate environment, minimal and polished bags will work best. If you work in a casual environment you can have more fun with patterns, design and colour. Once you have these bag basics figured out, you can start exploring the different types of bags that are suited for work.



Backpacks make for excellent work bags because of their carrying capacity and because they can be carried hands-free. This is perfect for anyone that has an active commute, or for someone that prefers the comfort and freedom of carrying a bag on their back.


To find the right backpack, consider first what details will make it work for you. Look for a bag with padded straps and a breathable back if you’re likely to break a sweat on your commute. If you need to carry a laptop, look for a backpack with a padded laptop compartment. For charging your phone on the go, look for bags with an external USB port which makes it easy to use a portable charger while you’re using your phone. 

If you need to carry a second outfit or lots of stuff, look for a bag that is big enough to fit it all in, but still comfy enough to carry. It’s also a good idea to look for a bag that will help keep you organised. Prioritise nifty carriers with pockets for pens, documents, electronics and anything else that you might need to easily access.

When it comes to style, playing it safe at work is always best. This is especially true for a backpack as it can look more casual than a briefcase or messenger bag. To offset this, look for backpacks that are a single colour (black, brown, grey or navy are safe colour choices). You’ll also want the exterior to be sleek and minimal so that it won’t look out of place when worn with a tailored business outfit.

However, if you seldom have business or client meetings and work in a casual environment, don’t be afraid to let your work backpack reflect your personal style!

Laptop Bag

If you already carry am everyday bag or just need something to get your laptop to work safely, opt for a laptop bag. The most important thing is that the laptop bag keeps your tech protected, so look for a bag that is adequately padded so that the occasional drop or knock won’t hurt your laptop. A bag that is made of durable, water-resistant material is also a good idea.

In terms of design, stick to something slim that won’t be cumbersome to carry. You’ll probably want a few additional pockets for the charging cable, pens and notebooks. An adjustable shoulder/crossbody strap will also come in handy – this will allow you to keep your hands free if needed.

Aesthetically, a simple and sleek laptop bag is great as it can be used on-the-go for business meetings.

If you carry your work items in a backpack or messenger that already has a sleeve for a laptop or you don’t need a bag with additional pockets, you may want to consider a tech folio or sleeve. These are very minimalist bags designed to keep your tech scruff-free and well-presented.

Messenger Bag


A messenger bag or satchel is a versatile bag that blends style and comfort for more relaxed commutes. They come in a variety of styles and designs, so it’s really important to consider your needs to help narrow your options down.


The easiest place to start is size. If you do carry a work laptop or tablet, this will determine how big the bag needs to be. If you don’t, think about what your bare necessities are – a notebook, water bottle, book, a jacket – think of the bigger things that you’ll carry and base the size of the messenger bag around that.

Then think of the features that are important to you – if you’re only carrying a few things to and from work, then you can focus on finding a style that will match seamlessly with work attire.

If you like to stay productive while you commute, look for a bag that can make working on public transport easy. If you’re a very organised person, keep stress from a chaotic bag at bay by choosing a design that has plenty of pockets to keep it neat.

The most important thing to note is that messenger bags can get quite heavy on one shoulder if there’s too much in them. And, because they are designed to be carried around the hip, they can swing around. To make your commute more comfortable with a messenger bag, look for adjustable straps and hip-clips that will help keep it in place and comfortable.

Additional Bags

If your Monday to Friday schedule is varied or you can’t quite settle on a single style, consider adding a few additional work bags to your wardrobe. For days that involve a gym class or sport, consider swapping your usual bag for a duffle bag or a bigger backpack.

If you’re on a work trip, opt for a work backpack that can double as a carry-on. You might also want to bring a small laptop bag along to keep at your feet for easy access to your laptop.


Tech-organising packing cubes are also handy in a daily work bag. You can use these to store spare cables, headphones, portable chargers, USB sticks, pens – anything you might need in an organised manner. They’re also handy for taking all your essentials from home, on your commute and to your desk without needing to check for everything each time.


Now that you know a bit more about the art of choosing the perfect work bag, shop our collection to get yourself a stylish, organised and comfortable work accessory.

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