How to Pack for the Perfect Staycation

Given the current uncertainty around international travel, staycations have become our preferred way to holiday. After the last 18 months discovering local gems is definitely a must-do! Staycations are also a great way to support local businesses that are adjusting to a decrease in visitors from afar.

Travelling to destinations closer to home usually involves a shorter stay and smaller bags. This means that you should pack smarter to spend less time fussing with luggage and more time enjoying your trip. Learn how you can do just that with our range of Zoomlite packing cubes.


Pack Neat and Light with Packing Cubes

Our Packing Cubes are designed to make packing for short trips easier. Purchase them individually, or choose a preset combination to save some extra money. Mix them up with our slim packing tubes, and a three-piece pouch set to cover all your bases. Get enough cubes to fit into your weekender, duffle, or overnight bag and add much-needed compartments to help keep your staycation luggage neat and organised.

Packing cubes are especially handy for short stays as you’re less inclined to unpack. This means that you’ll be living out of your bag, and even if you pack it neatly, you’re likely to create a mess as soon as you need to go searching for something that isn’t at the surface.

The organisation of packing cubes makes living out of a bag easier because you can move things around without making a mess. Labelling and colour coordinating will also help you remember exactly what cube an item is in.

How to use Packing Cubes for Your Next Staycation

You should pack to be prepared for anything with a city staycation because there’s opportunity to do so many different things. Here’s our guide for what and where to pack.

Matching Apparel

You don’t want to spend too much time choosing the right outfit when you’re only away for a weekend, but in the city, it’s natural to want to look put together. This is why you should pack tops and bottoms that suit regardless of the combination.

Pick items in a neutral palette (such as navy, black, white and cream) that won’t clash, then pack them small and medium cubes organised into tops and bottoms. This way, you can grab something from each cube and know that you have a complete and cohesive outfit without needing to rummage or think too much!

Just in Case

You can’t escape the weather, even in the city. Pack a lightweight weatherproof jacket, cardigan or outer layer that can be worn with all of the outfits that you bring. Jackets can be bulky, which is why you want to try and pack only two at most. The medium cube is ideal for jackets and other just-in-case clothes.

Pack your spare trousers, a fancy outfit, or even swimming gear in this cube in case you end up having a fancy dinner or a visit to the hotel spa. This way you’ll know to only open it up for just-in-case situations. 


Slim tubes are perfect for packing underwear and socks. For a short trip, one should suffice for all of these items. This leaves the other free for accessories such as scarves, ties or small clutch bags and purses.


A clear panel on pouches makes it easy to see what’s inside. This makes them perfect for small items that are harder to find such as jewellery, watches, cufflinks and smaller accessories.

A Camping Trip

Packing cubes for camping are an absolute essentialIf you’re heading into the great outdoors for a few nights, packing cubes are an absolute essential. A camping trip is all about getting back to the bare essentials, but it also means that you’ll have to pack and bring everything you need to make the stay liveable.

Packing cubes are the ultimate portable storage and help to keep like items in one place. Having your things organised will make searching for items in the dark much easier and will help to maintain the serenity that comes with a stay with mother nature.


The medium cube is ideal for using as your wardrobe. It’s big enough to hold four pairs of jeans, so it will work well to hold three outfits: one for a warm day (shorts and tees); one for a cool day (pants and long sleeves), and clothing for sleeping. The small cube should be used for swimmers or a water-proof jacket, and extra layers.

Catch-All Cube

It’s easy to misplace things when you’re camping because there are no familiar places to put things. A catch-all cube will be handy for frequently used items that you’ll want or need regardless of whether you’re out on an adventure, lazing on a picnic mat, or sleeping in your tent.

The slim medium cube is perfect for keeping necessities such as your phone, a torch or headlamp, your book, keys and any other small items that you’ll want to reach for frequently.

Never too many spares

Camping can get dirty. You’ll want to pack a few spare pairs of underwear, socks, and shirts into a slim cube. The other can be used for spare microfiber towels, tea towels or microfiber cloths which are always useful on an outdoor trip.


Pouches can be used to keep your practical bits together and are handy because you can see into them without opening. Pouches can be used to carry a multi-tool, matches or lighter, portable charger, and cords; a mini first-aid kit or toiletries kit; or can even be used to organise kitchen cutlery and utensils.

A Family Staycation

How to pack for a family staycationTravelling (and packing) with a family will be a lot less complicated with the organisation of packing cubes. The number and size of cubes that you need will depend on your family. You could use a Globetrotter Packing Cube Bundle for one or two family members, or you can use a 6 piece bundle to help add organisation to the extras that you need for your trip as in the examples below.

Kids Clothes

An upside to young kids’ clothes is that they are nice and small – this means several outfits, socks, underwear and even extras like swimmers and pyjamas can fit into a small or slim medium packing cube. Allocating a cube to each child will help you stay organised and will make them feel like they have their own little luggage bag.


The medium packing cube makes for an ideal portable toy box. It’s big enough to fit books, soft toys, a security blanket, or any other toys that will keep your children entertained on the road or at your accommodation. Slim tubes and pouches can also be used for smaller items that need separating such as Lego or art supplies.


If you’re travelling with a baby, packing cubes can be especially practical for organising multiple days necessities which may not fit into one nappy bag. A small, or medium bag can be used to keep nappies, wipes, a changing mat, diaper bags and any other change-time essentials together.

Slim tubes and pouches are also great for organising snacks on-the-go, whereas a small packing cube can keep baby bottles, bottle brushes and burp cloths together. The clear panel on the pouches are ideal for organising essential items such as medicines, first and aid, and wipes as they’ll be easy to spot.

Ready to do more local exploring and less luggage fussing? Be inspired by our favourite staycation destinations around Australia and shop the Packing Cube Range via this link.

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