How many packing cubes can I fit inside my case?

Well that depends on the size of your case or luggage. It is very hard to give a one fit solution for all as each travellers needs are different. Besides each manufacturer offers luggage in different sizes. The following is one solution for the most common suitcase sizes. Actually it is like playing Tetris - you can have several combinations of sizes that can fit inside the same case.


Packing Cubes in Carry On Baggage

Carry On Bag ( appx 55 cms high)

2 X-Small, 1 Small, 1 Medium or 2 Slim-Medium



Packing Cubes in Medium Case

Medium Check-In Case ( appx 65-68 cms high)

1 Large, 2 Medium (or 4 Slim-Medium), 1 Small,  1 X-Small



Packing Cubes in Large Case

Large Check-In Case ( appx 75-81 cms high)

2 Large, 2 Medium ( or 4 Slim-Medium), 2 Small, 2 X-Small