5 Packing Tips for your travels

How to pack like a pro!

Make packing and unpacking a breeze

1.  Make a packing list

Using a packing list is a great way to avoid overpacking or leaving something important behind. You can also use it at the other end of your trip to be sure you're bringing everything home again.

2.  Sort your clothing into categories

This helps you to keep an eye on how many of each item you're taking, and makes it easier to cut back if you over-pack. Packing your clothes by category into packing cubes will help you to easily find items at your destination. Packing cubes are lightweight zip-up bags that can act as drawers for separating and storing your clothes.

3.  Mix and Match

Choose the items of clothing to match one another in colour tones and style, so that you can mix and match outfits. There's little point bringing your favourite shirt if you have to add particular pants, shoes and accessories that won't go with anything else.

4.  Bring about half of what you planned to take

Experts suggest we commonly take double the required amount of clothing away on holiday, in the fear that we're leaving something at home that we'll need. Make sure you have the basics and anything difficult to replace (such as prescription medication). You can usually buy whatever else you need on your travels.

5.  Roll and fold your clothes

Roll your clothes to save space. When you roll your clothing, you’ll find that you can fit more in and ultimately maximise the available space. Packing cubes are a great way to keep your clothing neatly and tightly rolled, no matter how much turbulence your luggage faces on the flight.


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Have you ever wasted precious holiday time rummaging through your suitcase, causing more chaos?

Packing cubes are an excellent way to know where your items are and allowing you to find things quickly when living out of a suitcase. If you're staying in the one location for more than a few days, you can take your cubes straight from your suitcase into the hotel drawers for easy unpacking, then zip them up and return them to your luggage when you're leaving. This will speed up the process and reduce the chances of leaving something behind.


Our packing cubes are loved by over 20,000 Aussie travellers, including Zoe Foster-Blake

With a husband and 2 young kids, it would be a nightmare when everyone's clothes are jumbled together. By ordering a different colour for each person, Zoe has tamed the suitcase jumble.

We want to revolutionise the way that people travel, reducing some of the stresses of living out of a suitcase, and allowing you to spend more time relaxing.


Image: @zoetheysay

In a recent review of various packing cubes by escape.com.au, Zoomlite cubes came out on top


"These guys scream durability. In fact, you could safely sequester your smalls in them, bung them straight on the luggage conveyor, and be reasonably confident your clothes would arrive intact at the other end, albeit a little dusty. Zoomlite is an all-Australian brand that’s all about strength and simplicity. The classic four-piece set comes in X-small, small, medium and large cells. Each has a strong mesh lid (so you can see what’s inside and squeeze out all that extra air) and double zips. We road tested the classic set, but you can also get toiletry and shoe bags, garment folders and travel pouches. The husband mostly used these and, despite defying prevailing wisdom to ‘roll not fold’, his shorts and T-shirts travelled mostly wrinkle free. The compartments are a little deeper than some, as the cells are not double-sided, so rolling really is the way to go if you don’t want to go rummaging through layers of clothes, which kind of defeats the purpose of using cells. I love that these retain their shape when packed in a suitcase or unpacked in a hotel cupboard."

Zoomlite packing cubes come in a variety of sizes and prints, as well as specialty cubes for toiletries, shoes, bras and tech accessories.

They feature:

  • Generous sizing - allowing you to fit more into each cube
  • Durable materials - so that your packing cubes will last many journeys
  • Double zippers - for added compression
  • Breathable mesh - for ventilation, and identifying contents
  • Webbing handles - for easy carrying when you need to move your cubes
  • Corded pullers - for easy opening of your zips
  • Lightweight materials - so that you're not adding to your baggage allowance
  • A selection of colours - to brighten your day and help identify by person or item



Don't just take our word for it...

3,100 + 5 STAR RATINGS

"These packing cubes are brilliant. Fit so much in and save so much space. They’ve changed the way I pack and travel. Love them"


Marie-Anne R

Zoomlite Ultimate Bundle Customer

"We have used packing cubes for years and will never travel without them. However, these are of a far superior quality and I feel they are the last we will need to purchase as they are so well made. Looking forward to using them in June on our next overseas trip"


Gilliana S

Zoomlite Packing Cube Classic - Build Your Own Set Customer

"The different sizes are good to fit into my suitcase. I can see through the net so I know what I have packed into the cubes. They get dried ever so fast after wash and ready for the next trip"

Mei Y

Zoomlite Classic Packing Cube Set Customer

"The ease and pleasure of packing and organising my suitcase are beyond belief. Everything has its place, is within easy reach and nothing else gets messed up. The cubes are exceptionally well made, with smooth double zippers and of a strong lightweight fabric. I now cannot imagine travelling without them ever again. In one word indispensable!."

Ruth T

Zoomlite Ultimate Bundle Customer




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