Ultimate Packing list for travellers

Do you hate that nagging feeling that you are forgetting something every time you pack for a trip?  

Join over 3,000 other travellers and get organised with the Ultimate Packing List, put together by brainstorming a list of commonly packed items and sorting them into categories.

The Ultimate Packing List has over 150 easily categorised travel items that will help you:

  • Plan ahead for your trip so that travelling light is much easier - don't let your luggage weigh you down.
  • Pack everything you need, and nothing you don't - never forget any essential items again.
  • Prepare for a destination that you've never been before. This is an all-inclusive list of travel items that will help you pack no matter where you plan on going.
  • Travel with peace of mind by packing everything you need to stay safe - from medication and toiletries to important documentation and travel aids.

Simply check off the items that are best suited for your upcoming trip and customise it by adding any items of your own.

Save it, print it and share it with family and friends. Whatever you like, we hope you find it useful.




Ultimate Packing List by Zoomlite