• Not able to fit everything you want to take with you in your luggage ?
  • Tired of fumbling inside your luggage and trying to unpack it in the same “disorganised” fashion ?
  • In a hurry to find your outfit for that important meeting after a long flight ?
  • Concerned about leaving behind your precious item in a hotel drawer half-way around the world ?


Does this sound familiar ?



Top 7 Benefits of using Packing Cubes



Packing is so easy

Keeping your luggage organized is easy when everything is assigned its own convenient cube. Use smaller cubes for toiletries and charging cables. Pack other cubes by type of clothing, destination or weather.



Pack more in less space

Compress your clothing neatly in packing cubes and save space. Fit more in your luggage or travel with fewer pieces.



Find everything in a flash

There is no need to empty your entire suitcase, tossing aside item after item in search of that one small thing that is inevitably at the bottom.



Protect your clothing

Why risk getting your items damaged? Prevent your luggage contents getting tossed around in your suitcase during transit. Minimise the risk of stains, wrinkles and damage.



Unpack Quickly & efficiently

Pop the cubes out of your luggage and into the hotel closet or dresser drawers, it's really that simple! Packing cubes make perfect closet organizers whether in hotels or in your home. You don't need to live out of your suitcase anymore.



Check Out faster

Simply zip up your packing cubes and put them back in your luggage. You'll never have to worry about leaving anything behind. These travel packing cells makes check-out easier!



Say goodbye to airport stress

Just pick one or two cubes as carry-ons to avoid excess baggage charges. Save yourself embarrassment when airport security or customs need to go through your luggage.




"These guys have really hit the nail on the head with their packing cubes. I admit we were skeptical at first when buying them because so many brands had made similar promises about durability and had not even come close to living up to their promises."

- Jen Seligmann
The Trusted Traveller

"Want to change your travel and packing life for the better? These Zoomlite cubes are a brilliant idea and help keep everything separate. They're such a simple idea: light, durable, zippered nylon bags that stack on top of each other so that nothing ever gets lost amongst each other in you bag!"

- Not Quite Nigella
Travel Blogger



Packing Cubes in open suitcase

Completely personalise your packing


Choose from 6 sizes and 10 fun colours and prints to completely personalise your packing. Choose different colours to pack by day, activity or colour code according to family members.


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Packing Cube Family


Get a flawlessly organised packing system
adaptable to any travel situation


The Classic
Starter Set


  • 4 different sizes to suit any situation
  • Perfect to build on and create your custom packing system
  • Perfect fit for all types of luggage
  • Save 35% off individual RRP's

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Packing Cubes - Starter Set

Printed 4 Piece starter set


The Printed
Starter Set


  • 4 different sizes to suit any situation
  • Perfect to build on and create your custom packing system
  • Perfect fit for all types of luggage
  • Save 30% off individual RRP's

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Maximise your packing
with Slim Cubes


  • Great add-on to standard packing cubes
  • Perfect for subdividing your clothing articles
  • Ideal for filling in the skinny spots in your cases
  • Maximise every square inch of space available.

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Packing Cubes - Slim Set

iCube - Tech Accessory Packing Cube


Organise your tech
with the iCube


  • Securely organise your tech and digital gear
  • Keep cables untangled
  • Never lose smaller items - USB drives,SD cards,etc.
  • Available in 3 colors at $27.95!
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Minimise wrinkles
with the Garment Folder


  • Keep your shirts and slacks neat
  • Minimise wrinkles
  • Maximise your packing space
  • Available in 2 sizes from $34.95!

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Garment Folder


Do packing cubes come in different sizes?


There are 4 sizes available - X-small, Small, Medium and Large. An added bonus of the Zoomlite cubes is the generous depth of the cubes.


What is the best way to pack my clothes?


Roll your clothes and stack them in the cubes. The double corded pullers and 2 way zippers will help you to compress your items and pack more, taking up less space in your bags.


Are the cubes washable?


Yes, you can wash them into the washing machine on a delicate cycle. Do not spin dry - just drip dry in the shade.


How many cubes do I need?


Well that depends on the size of your luggage and the duration of your trip. A good way to start is to get a starter set consisting of 4 cubes - one of each size.


Are they going to add to my weight?


No, the cubes are made from extremely lightweight tear resistant nylon. They weigh between 60 grams to 130 grams each and will not burden you down with excess baggage fees.


How long will they last?


These are extremely durable and will last for many trips to come. We only use quality materials in the construction of these nifty cubes.



Hear what real customers have to say





What is the best way to pack using cubes?


Frequent travellers and packing experts suggest that rolling your clothes helps you to maximise your packing space and also keep your clothing in original condition. Packing cubes are ideal for this by retaining your rolled clothes neatly, even when your luggage is tossed around.

Roll your clothes inside packing cubes

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