Welcome to the world of NEOS, where innovation meets adventure. We believe travel is more than going places – it's about what you carry with you, both inside and out.

As you begin your travels with NEOS, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to seamlessly integrate your NEOS case into your journey, ensuring each adventure is as enriching and hassle-free as you've envisioned.

Getting started

Ensure that the combination is at the default combination - 000.

Slide the round button towards the combination to open the lock.

The following instructions are also included with every NEOS case.


  • The default combination is 0-0-0. To set your own, follow these steps
  • Turn the dials to the opening combination.
  • Press down the reset button with a pen until you hear a click. The button will stay pressed in.

Set your own combination by turning the dials.

Push the slider button in the direction of the arrow until the reset button pops back up.

Be sure to memorise your combination.

Medium & Large Check-In

The default combination is 0-0-0. To set your own, follow these steps:

  • Turn the dials to the opening combination.
  • Slide the round button in the direction of the arrow. Hold the button in this position until you complete the next step.
  • Set your own combination by turning the dials.
  • Release the button.
  • Your combination is now set.

Be sure to memorise your combination. To set a new one, repeat the steps above by starting with the current combination.


Clean with a soft, damp cloth, gently using warm water and a mild soap.

Tackling Stubborn Scuffs:

  • Dampen the included eraser sponge slightly.
  • Rub gently over the mark until it vanishes.
  • Rinse the sponge with fresh water.
  • Wring out excess moisture and store safely.

We provide a cloth storage bag with every case. You can use this to store your case at home when not in use.


The TSA lock on the Carry on has an integrated charging port. This is a USB-A port. You will need to bring your own powerbank and connect it to the included cable in the powerbank pocket ( located inside the case towards the top). This connection is also a USB-A connection.

Once connected you can charge your device by connecting it to the charging port ( you need to bring your own charging cable)

Yes, the carry-on case has been designed to be compliant with all major airlines.

The dimensions of the carry on are - 52 x 38 x 23 cms. This adds up to 113 cms which is under the prescribed 115 cms of most major airlines.

The front opening of the NEOS carry-on Pro is designed to store a 15" laptop and an iPad in their own dedicated pockets.

There is also a large zipper mesh pocket to store your passport, tickets and any documents.

The entire front pocket is lockable using the TSA lock provided for the main section.

Check-In Cases

Yes, we provide zip expanders for both the medium and large check-in cases.

The expander zip gives you extra space when you need it most.

Traditional suitcases have a 50:50 butterfly style opening and demand their fair share of floor area when packing or unpacking, but not NEOS.

Our design is all about maximising your space without sacrificing convenience. The NEOS suitcase sits neatly on even the smallest hotel luggage tables when packing or unpacking, thanks to it's top-opening zipper panel.

You can access your belongings easily and efficiently, without the usual suitcase shuffle.


After every adventure, examine your NEOS. If you spot any damage after a flight, report it to the airline before departing the airport.

Familiarise yourself with your travel insurance policy to understand coverage and benefits.

Our 10 Year warranty covers manufacturing defects.

It does not encompass airline or carrier mishaps, or the natural wear and tear from your beautiful journeys.

Yes, we do carry spare parts - wheels, trolley handles, side handles and TSA locks. In case you need any spare parts please contact us by email.

Still have questions? Drop us a line and get in touch.