Taking Care of your Zoomlite Leather Bag

Our Leathers

Leather is an organic substance that ages, changes and softens over time with use, making each piece unique.

All Zoomlite genuine leather bags and wallets are made from full grain leather, which is the highest grade available. Full grain leather denotes that the hides retain the top layer which is the strongest part of the hide. This also gives the leather its natural look and texture and makes it durable. We do not use the bottom layers also known as Split leather - this does not look natural as it has no grain at all and is also much weaker than the top layer.

Characteristics Of Leather

Being a natural product, there will always be variations in leather arising from different cuts and sides, textures of the natural grain and varying tones arising from the dyeing and tanning processes. Visible scratches and marks present in leathers are not defects but more an authenticity of the natural product being used. These scratches and marks allow the leather to develop a rich patina (‘ageing effect’), enhancing its appeal over time and giving each item it’s own unique character. 

Types of Leather 

All Zoomlite leather products are made using the following leathers

  • Distressed Look Vintage Cow Hide Leather
  • Soft Touch Milled Cow Hide Leather


Caring for your Zoomlite Leather Purchase

Just like us, leather needs to be maintained in order to age gracefully and last for many years. Here are some tips to help you take care of your Zoomlite leather product -

  • Keep leather out of direct sources of heat or sunlight for prolonged periods of time so that it doesn’t dry out and  crack unevenly or discolour and fade over time.  
  • To remove any surface dirt, simply wipe the leather with a soft damp cloth. Never use too much pressure as that is likely to remove the finish and damage the leather. 
  • Leather is like our own skin - to keep it lasting longer it is recommended to keep it hydrated using a natural leather cream or conditioner. Always use a neutral colour cream or conditioner and test a small, unseen part of the bag before applying the product to the whole of the bag. This is to ensure  that the product doesn’t react with your bag or even change the colour significantly. Leave it for a day or so to verify there’s no unwanted reaction before safely applying the product to the whole of the bag. 
  • Keep your leather product away from liquids as best possible, such as perfumes, make-up, hand creams, ink, alcohol or water. Liquids can potentially alter natural leather with marks, stains or texture change. We recommend regularly using a leather protector spray like Scotchguard. It is a water, moisture and oil repellant that can minimise liquid damage. Always test a small portion before  a full application. Leather cannot be fully waterproofed but you can make it water resistant with a product like Scotchguard, which leaves a fine protective film on the surface. Re-spray every few months and try to avoid heavy rain as prolonged soaking can make splotches that may not fade entirely. When applying a water proofing product it’s strongly recommended that you first apply a care product like a conditioner or cream to help lock in moisture and to keep the fibres of the skin supple before making it waterproof. Only apply the waterproof to areas that will be exposed to moisture so that your still able to treat the interior areas of  of the bag with care products so it can remain supple and wont crease, crack or peel, due to drying out. 
  • If your bag gets wet, pat dry with paper towels or a dry cloth and let it dry naturally (do not apply more heat). 
  • As leathers are dyed, for the first few weeks they may transfer a small amount of colour onto clothing. In this instance you should be able to easily wash out any markings. Care should also be taken to avoid colour transfer from dark clothing onto light leathers and also from dark leathers onto light coloured clothing.
  • Leather softens with use and stretches out, but not back: If you start to overfill your wallet or bag, it will never really return to its original self. Try to carry the right amount of stuff in your bag or wallet, and avoid your bag or wallet getting out of shape too much.
  • Leather needs to breathe and as such store your leather bag in a dry and clean place when you are not using it. Don't wrap it in plastic as you need some ventilation to stop any mildew growth.