Unique Inspiration for Weekend Getaways in WA

Think you've discovered all there is to see, do, indulge and enjoy on weekends away from Perth? We've got just what you need!

Western Australians don’t need anyone to tell them they live in a humongous state, a place where 400 kms is considered a daily ‘commute’. So how on earth is one to plan a long weekend getaway that doesn’t involve driving a gazillion km?! Easy! By discovering the nearly endless array of gorgeous hidden places that aren’t too far away.

So rest easy, hardy explorer. You need not drive to the ends of the earth to discover a new destination. Whether you’re packing your bags solo, with family, your BFF, or a bunch of crazy friends, we’ve got just the unique inspiration you need to plan your sensational weekend getaway in Western Australia.

The Avon Valley – for a hassle-free family getaway in the country

Even the most experienced family getaway enthusiast cherishes short scenic drives and a weekend destination that overflows with attractions for kids of all ages. The Avon Valley, merely an hour away from Perth (that’s only 3 short arguments for the back-seaters) delivers on all counts. We’re talking cool historic towns, fantastic farm stays where the kids can keep their hands busy, and a national park that’s just perfect for camping and river-based activities.

The Avon is famous for being the first real European settlement in Western Australia so every town is drenched in fascinating history and wonderful architecture. If you think your kids may fall asleep at the mere thought of going on a historic walking tour then there’s plenty more that’ll entice them.

In the Avon Valley, you can take the whole family on a sunrise hot air balloon ride, whitewater rafting excursion, perhaps a skydive for the teenager, and a few hours at the adorable Fairytale Farm for the little ones. With oodles of farmer’s markets where you can stock up on fresh produce and excellent wine, your hassle-free family getaway in the country is a done deal.

Discover all there is to see and do in the Avon Valley, right here.

Margaret River – for a wellness getaway with your BFF(s)

A restorative weekend getaway with the girls is just what 2021 ordered. In and around Margaret River is where you’ll find a fabulous array of spas and retreats, the high concentration of wellness amenities testament to the reputed ‘healing powers’ of this most glorious of areas. Here, you can indulge in daily yoga, pilates, and meditation classes, enjoy relaxing massages and body treatments, and soak up the delights of the region’s culinary highlights.

Among the top contenders for the best wellness retreat in all of Australia is the Margaret River’s Injidup Spa Retreat, whose 10 secluded villas come complete with eye-popping ocean views and a private heated plunge pool, which is as sublime as it sounds on a sneaky winter getaway. The town of Yallingup, just under 300km from Perth) is the best place to start your retreat search.

Lancelin – for an adventure-filled getaway with friends

Renowned as the best playground in Western Australia, Lancelin is an ideal getaway destination for an active weekend away. The small coastal township is just an hour and a half north of Perth and backed by some of the whitest, silkiest and highest sand dunes you’ll ever see. This is where the fun starts!

Hoon around safely in a desert buggy, show off your sandboarding prowess (or have fun trying), and sprint your mates to the top for a sunset that’ll blow your socks off. Lancelin is also revered as the kite and windsurfing capital of our great big country so if it’s fun sea-based adventures you’re seeking, you’ll find plenty of those too. What we love most about Lancelin is that it offers something for every weekend escapee, be it 5* deluxe resort or budget-friendly hostel.

Walpole Wilderness Area – for the ultimate unplugged getaway in nature

Sometimes, you just need to pack up your loved ones and unplug from everything for a weekend – the Walpole Wilderness Area is the kind of place that’ll allow you to do just that. Sprawled around the tiny coastal town of Walpole, this pristine wilderness area, comprising old-growth forests, arid coastal deserts, and enchanting inlets, is the kind of place that’ll restore your soul. The epitome weekend destination for avid lovers of nature, Walpole offers wilderness escapes to savour.

Spend your unplugged weekend enjoying a bevy of nature walks in the 360,000-hectare reserve (don’t miss the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk!), chasing waterfalls, enjoying a wilderness cruise, and tackling some of the most scenic drives in the entire state. Head into the Walpole Nornalup Visitor Centre as soon as you arrive and pick up maps and invaluable local tips.

Augusta – for an all-encompassing weekend getaway

Looking for the best place that delivers all of the above, in one nifty spot? Then Augusta may be just the Western Australia weekend destination for you. This sweet little town on the south-western coast of WA, about 300km south of Perth, offers a kaleidoscope of experiences. Famous for being the spot where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet, it is surrounded by dramatic coastal wilderness, set right on the tippy-toe of the spectacular Cape Leeuwin.

On a weekend getaway in Augusta, you can tackle a section of the world-famous Cape to Cape Trail, a 135km-long walking route that attracts avid explorers from every corner of the globe. You can go on a humpback and southern right whale watching tour between June and September, head off on a fishing expedition, or take the kayak to the Blackwood River. And because Augusta is just a smidgen south of Margaret River, it means you can also enjoy a wellness retreat and plenty of amazing food and wine.

The one-in-all weekend destination you need right now?

Yep. We think so too.


Sal Salis, Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth – for a ridiculously romantic glamping getaway

Finally, if you're willing to fly for your weekend getaway, or starting (a lot!) further north, Ningaloo Reef is well worth the journey.

Framed by the jaw-dropping gorges of the Cape Grand National Park on one side and the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean on the other, the Sal Salis Safari Camp boasts the most eye-popping setting in the country. Winner of countless international awards, this outstanding glamping haven is where Western Australia’s romantic weekend getaway dreams are made. From your luxurious tent (which happens to be gorgeous, fully equipped, and insanely charming), you’ll have the best hikes and water sports at your fingertips.

At Sal Salis, you could easily spend the whole day chillaxing on a hammock, looking out over the glistening sand dunes, yet the resort offers many unique activities you’ll want to enjoy with your sweetest and nearest. Head out for a kayak and snorkel excursion on the home reef, a guided hike in Cape Grand and plan your visit between March and July, just to have the exquisite chance to swim with magnificent whale sharks, Ningaloo’s single most coveted highlight.

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