Packing for a Cruise? Don't Leave Without Reading This


The cruise industry is growing, it's estimated that by 2019 the yearly passenger count will exceed 25 million people globally.

Are you planning a cruise this year?

If it's your first time taking a cruise then there are several things you will want to consider before setting off. Packing for a cruise isn't just like packing for your average vacation.

Let's take a closer look...

What should you pack?

Packing Cubes

Remember that you are going on a boat, there isn't endless space available and your sleeping quarters will be tight. So pack light.

Here are some quick tips to pack for a cruise:

  • If you can, stick to carry-on luggage and leave the suitcase at home.
  • Use bag tags or luggage labels so that your bag doesn't get mixed up with all the other guests.
  • Research the key territories or stops that the cruise will be visiting and pack appropriate clothing for that climate.
  • Make sure you check out the planned festivities on the boat, there might be a pool party planned or perhaps a night time dress up. Be prepared with the right outfit!
  • If you're unsure, just keep it casual. Cruises are generally a relaxing, laid back environment so pack comfortable and casual clothes.
  • Don't forget your medications. If you have any medical requirements, it's essential that they make it into your luggage. Because once the cruise takes off, it's nearly impossible to turn the ship around!

What should you leave at home?

Smart packing for a cruise is just as much about what you don't take, as it is about what you do take.

Here are some tips for what you should leave at home:

  • Double check the cruise company's regulations. A lot of cruise ships will have strict regulations around getting onboard with sharp or flammable objects. Make sure you are familiar with these warnings and avoid packing any restricted items.
  • Depending on where your cruise is going there will likely be customs regulations along the way that prohibit certain foods and other goods. So be aware of the appropriate customs procedures.
  • Don't over pack! Whatever you think you need, cut it in half and enjoy the cruise without the hassle of lugging a big bag around.
  • Leave your most valuable items at home, where they are safe. Of course most people who take cruises are friendly, but just like any holiday vacation, cruises attract thieves too.

How should you pack?

In the end, packing for a cruise is all about keeping things light, and making sure your belongings are safe.

Here are some tips for achieving both of these things:

  • Use packing cubes to make the most of limited space
  • Roll your clothes instead of folding them
  • Take slash-proof bags to prevent thieves from easily getting access to your things

Anti-Theft Sling From Zoomlite


Where will your next boat cruise take you?

Alaska? The Mediterranean? The Caribbean? 

Wherever you plan on going, a well-planned cruise may be just the dose of relaxation you need to revitalise your home life.

To make the most of if, remember to pack light, stay safe and leave all the stress behind you.

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  • Terri Bourke

    No I didn’t think this was helpful take everything you need and I always found plenty of room for everything If you need your swimmers or change of clothes in the first few hours just pack them in your carry on Than unpack once and have fun

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