How to Pack Like a Pro Using Packing Cubes


London, Paris, the Rocky Mountains, the deserts of Namibia, and the beaches of Rio de Janeiro…the world is your oyster and the places you can visit are endless. The only problem is, you have to fit that winter jacket and scarf into the same backpack as your bathing suit, your full moon outfit, and your toothbrush. But fear not, because that’s where packing cubes save the day. 


Packing cubes, or packing cells, are ultra light and durable small zip containers generally made of fabric that allow you to tame and organize your luggage. These little travel organizers come in different shapes and sizes, where you can fit a few different packing cubes into a single backpack or suitcase, depending on the size of your luggage.

Travel Packing Cubes


Travelling and organization are generally not two words that you hear in the same sentence, especially if you’ve booked a one way flight, stuffed your life into a backpack, and keep throwing around the phrase “winging it”.


However, packing cubes completely revolutionize the way you travel because you can fit more items in, spend less time searching for specific things, and only unpack what you need, when you need it. While packing cubes may not work for everyone, tens of thousands of travellers swear by them and confirm that they are the only way to travel organized. 



Travel Packing Cubes




How to Use Your Cubes:


1. Think about your trip

Before purchasing your packing cubes, consider what type of trip you are going on. This can help you to choose the right packing cubes. Packing cubes are completely customizable and come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, colours, and styles, like the ones here. If you are heading to all different regions of the world, choose a variety of differently sized cubes that will fit everything from a winter jacket to shorts, t-shirts, and pants, all organized in separate cubes. If you are travelling on business and need to take a suit or shirt, special garment folders allow you to keep your clothes tightly packed, organized, and help to minimize wrinkles. If you don’t plan on taking a shirt or fancy article of clothing, skip the garment folder and opt for something that will serve you better. If you are sharing a bag with someone else, consider using different colours to separate and identify your own packing cubes.



2. Organise your clothes

Regular garment cubes come in different sizes and are generally rectangular in shape, allowing you to fit in your everyday clothing like t-shirts, shorts, jeans, sweaters, and more. You can choose different sizes of cubes to ensure you can customize them to fit into your bag and hold the necessary items. The secret tip to using packing cubes is to roll your clothes into them. Not only does this help keep them wrinkle free, it allows you to fit more in. You can also see your clothes better when they are rolled side by side. After packing a single cube, you will see how these little travel organizers live up to their reputations.

Zoomlite Executive Packing Cube - Medium Size


3. Think past the clothes

While organizing your clothes can cut down on search time and allow you to fit more in, separately organizing your shoes, accessories, toiletries, and tech gadgets can be just as helpful. Special shoe cubes allow you to keep your shoes separate from your clothes and tech cubes can help you keep your electronics organized. Instead of untangling that phone cord and those headphones every single time or raking through your backpack to find your chargers, the tech cube will keep you completely organized. Perhaps the most handy packing cube is the hanging toiletry bag. With several compartments, the toiletry bag allows you to stay organized, and better yet, hang your bag anywhere you need it, whether it’s on a shower rail or a cupboard door. It also helps to control spillage of liquids and creams, which happens occasionally.

Tech Accessory Packing Cube + Shoe Cube 

4. Plan your packing

Once you’ve picked out your cubes, organize your clothing into different piles and decide how you are going to make the most out of your packing cells. Consider packing clothing for different destinations in specific coloured cubes. Pack your summer clothes in one colour and your warm winter clothes in a different coloured cube. Try rolling your clothes and see if you can minimize wrinkling and fit more in. Keep in mind that when travelling, less is more. The less clothes you take, the lighter your bag will be and the happier your back will be! You will also spend less time rolling or re-packing your clothes back into your cubes. Do your research and use a packing list like this one that ensures you pack for the different types of climates that you will be visiting. Only take the essentials, because once you are on the road, you will quickly see that the five bikinis or the three different smelling deodorants you packed won’t come in handy.



5. Strategically pack your bag

Once your cubes are packed, strategically place them into your bag. Packing cubes into your backpack or suitcase can often resemble a real life game of Tetris- yes, packing can be fun! Organize your cubes in a way that works for you. Place cubes at the bottom that you won’t need to access everyday and leave the ones you use daily close to or on the top. Always having your toiletry bag on the top is a great idea because this is something that you will constantly need throughout the day. 

Packing Cubes arranged neatly in a case



  • Susan Cook

    I would like to purchase more than the cubes but don’t know how

  • Kay

    Can really recommend Zoomlite packing cubes. Have used them for two trips over the past 6 months, the last trip a month in different climate zones using the suitcase size just larger than carry on. Clothes stay organised and easy to find. During the last trip we travelled in a sleeper train and were not able to have luggage in cabin. Much easier to just stack the cubes in the closet than unpack completely. My only complaint with the longer trip was not thinking to take a separate cube for garments needing laundering!

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