Chase Leather RFID Slim Passport Holder


The Chase passport holder is the lightest and slimmest way to carry your passport, cards and your cash all in one place. Even better, it keeps your passport and credit cards safe from electronic scammers using a special shielding material. This wallet has been designed to fit the back cover of your passport into the passport pocket. It can fit a complete standard passport - depending on the thickness of your passport. The leather has been designed to soften up with use. It will stretch and mold to your usage.


If you want to fit 2 passports we would recommend the Blaise Secure Travel Wallet.


Simplify your carry!

Using a slim minimalist wallet makes you think twice about the items you carry. You will not only reduce the excess stuff that you carry but also be able to carry it more comfortably in your pocket. It helps you stay organised and surely a more stylish and efficient way to carry your cards.


DashSlim RFID Wallet