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Why Packing Cubes

Discover the Packing Revolution: You're Not Alone

Struggling with messy luggage despite your best efforts? It's time for a game-changing solution: Zoomlite Packing Cubes.

The Perfect Packing Experience

Maximise your luggage space without the bulk, making room for all your essentials.

Keep your belongings neatly arranged and easily accessible, eliminating the chaos of travel packing.

Speed up your packing process with designated cubes, making last-minute trips a breeze.

Cut down on the time spent searching for items in your luggage, giving you more time to enjoy your journey. Living out of your suitcase becomes a breeze

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About Zoomlite

As the first Aussie company to offer packing cubes online, we boast the largest selection of packing cubes to meet all your travel needs. Choose Zoomlite for Australian design, and a commitment to sustainability.

Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle
Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle

Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle

Our best selling packing bundle gives you 10 packing cubes and keeps you organised on all your travels
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Multi Colours

Designed with insights from our dedicated Zoomlite community, this best-selling bundle is your go-to for extended trips.

Optimised for both large suitcases and carry-ons, it's versatile enough for backpacks, hiking bags, and duffels. Choose from a range of solid or multi-colored options..

Your 10 piece bundle includes -

  • X-Small Cube: 22 x 15 x 8 cm
  • Small Cubes (2): 27 x 19 x 8 cm
  • Slim-Medium Cube: 36 x 25 x 8 cm
  • Medium Cubes (2): 36 x 25 x 12 cm
  • Large Cubes (2): 43 x 33 x 12 cm
  • Small Tube: 27 x 14 x 8 cm
  • Large Tube: 38 x 14 x 12 cm

Total: 10 Pieces

Quick Identification: Built-in label windows make it easy to tag and find your items.

Versatile Sizes: A variety of cube sizes to fit any type of luggage or travel need.

Smooth Operation: Durable, easy-glide zippers for hassle-free packing and unpacking.

See & Breathe: Breathable mesh panels for visibility and ventilation.

Feather-Light: Designed to be extremely lightweight without compromising durability.

Fast & Easy Unpacking: Unpack directly into hotel drawers and zip up when you leave.

Customisable Packing: Sort items by type or create your own unique packing system.

Discreet & Secure: Keep personal items private during customs checks.

Beat Baggage Fees: Easily shift cubes to manage weight and avoid extra fees.

Durable & Resilient: Made from tear- and water-resistant ripstop recycled polyester.

Maximise Space: Double zippers and roomy interiors let you pack more.

Top Value: Save over 50% compared to buying individually.

Colour Your Journey: Choose from plain or multi-coloured options.

  • In stock, ships from Melbourne in 1-2 business days
  • Inventory on the way

"These guys scream durability"

Finally a travel nightmare solution

I absolutely LOVE my packing cubes. It really has taken the stress

out of packing, and as I am preparing to go to Europe and 3 different countries but multiple stops, and short ones, these are just magical. It will mean, and I can find what i want quickly and not get stressed out like I normally do. The different sizes are perfect for me, and it almost makes it fun to pack :) I just wish I found you years ago ! I will defiantly recommend you to all my friends and family. Thank you SO much.

- Vibe W.

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I bought the 10 pack of cubes for a five-week trip to Europe staying in various cities. Yes, I had read the reviews,

which were all positive, but what happened next came as a complete surprise. The ease and pleasure of packing and organising my suitcase are beyond belief. Everything has its place, is within easy reach and nothing else gets messed up. The cubes are exceptionally well made, with smooth double zippers and of a strong lightweight fabric. I now cannot imagine travelling without them ever again. In one word indispensable!

- Ruth T.

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Fast efficient response to our order

Love your product, taken the packing cubes on our trip

to Germany and found them great for finding our items without rummaging through whole suitcase. Will buy more for family and friends as going away gifts. Thanks to the Zoomlite team for getting them to us within 36 hours of ordering.

- Kathryn B.

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Excellent product

I have just finished packing with these cubes and our suitcases

have never been more organised. Also, I was able to make all the clothing more compact with space to spare, instead of cramming everything in and applying force to the lids to close them

- Jennifer A.

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Setting the Standard: Why Zoomlite Stands Apart

Exceptional Durability

Over 400,000 packing cubes delivered globally, and only a handful returned—our quality speaks volumes.

Quality You Can Trust

From stitch to print, every aspect of our cubes undergoes scrutiny to meet our high standards.

Zipper Excellence

Our obsession with zippers translates to a hassle-free packing and unpacking experience for you.

Green by Design

Our commitment to sustainability is woven into every cube, made from recycled materials.

Looking For More Options

Your Shortcut to Organised Travel & Big Savings

Most Customisable

  • Choose any number of cubes

  • Save 30 - 40%

  • Mix Regular & Compression Packing Cubes

Most Space-Efficient

  • 3 Piece Set

  • Save 25%

  • Compression Packing Cubes

  • 10 Colour options

Most Affordable

  • 4 Piece Set

  • Save 40%

  • Regular Packing Cubes

  • 10 Colours + 9 Prints

30-Day Hassle-Free Guarantee

Not completely thrilled with your new packing cubes?

We'll gladly accept returns, no questions asked.

Zoomlite Packing Cubes vs Others

Variety of Sizes
Durable Easy Glide Zippers
Breathable Mesh Panels
Label Window
Range of Colours


The details of the individual packing cubes are -

X- Small - 22 x 15 x 8 cms, 50 grams

Small - 27 x 19 x 8 cms, 70 grams

Slim-Medium - 36 x 25 x 8 cms, 90 grams

Medium - 36 x 25 x 12 cms, 100 grams

Large - 43 x 33 x 12 cms, 130 grams.

2 Slim Tubes - 14 x 27 x 8 cms & 14 x 38 x 12 cms, 60 & 70 grams

We recommend that you hand wash your cubes with soap and water. Hang them out to line dry.

They are extremely lightweight and fold up easily, hardly taking up any room in your case. They can also stay flat as they don't have a rigid construction.

No, the top panel is mesh. The main material though is made from ripstop polyester which is water repellant.

The main material is made from recycling single use plastic bottles.

By buying the prepacked bundles we are offering you excellent value - over 50% discount off the individual prices.

This is a great deal, although we do encourage you to work out what would best suit your needs and make sure that this is suitable.

People who travel with carry-on only would probably be better off buying their required sizes individually.

Well, that depends on the size of your case or luggage. It is very hard to give a one fit solution for all as each traveller's needs are different. Besides each manufacturer offers luggage in different sizes. We have a guide here to illustrate a scenario for the most common suitcase sizes.

Actually it is like playing the game of Tetris - you can have several combinations of sizes that can fit inside the same case.