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    Protect yourself and your family from harmful germs and bacteria – no mess, no fuss! A UV sanitiser uses UV-C light rays to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria within minutes. Cleans places, wipes can’t reach. All without using chemicals or adding an ongoing supply of wipes to landfill. 


    UV sanitisers contain the light rays in sealed boxes, that automatically shut off if opened mid-cycle, to protect you from the UV rays. They provide an easy and practical solution for cleaning high-touch items like your phone, keys, wallet, glasses, jewellery and more! 


    Smartphones are breeding grounds for germs, as the warm surface provides ideal conditions for any germs transferred there from your hands or the environment around you. Cleaning your hands is undone as soon as you touch your unsanitised phone again after washing them! Talking on the phone also brings those germs into close contact with your eyes, nose and mouth


    The solution is simple – regularly sanitise your phone with a UV Sanitiser. Check out our 2 nifty sizes: 

    • The UVSan Pro – has 8 powerful LED UV-C lights, perfect for cleaning your smartphone (yes even the big ones!), keys, wallet, watch, jewellery, pens etc. Simple to use, with a single deep cleaning mode, a reflective interior and a raised tray to help give a 360 degree clean. The lid is completely detachable for easier access to your items. As a bonus, the box is also a wireless phone charger! Use it to charge Qi-enabled devices like smartphones, airpods and Samsung smart watches. 
    • The UVSan Home – a larger size sanitiser for a larger size mess! Great for sanitising toys and bottles, hair and makeup tools, as well as smaller items like smartphones, wallets, remote controls and game controllers. With 6 powerful LED UV-C lights positioned around the interior, you get an all-round clean. The UVSan Home is portable, so you can take it with your wherever you go! 


    A UV sanitiser is the perfect way to disinfect your belongings – highly important in the world we live in! Whether you’ve got a small child who puts everything in her mouth, or want to protect yourself from the germs you’re exposed to at work, shopping or in the community, make UVSan your go-to cleaning device.