Packing Cubes & Suitcase Organisers

Zoomlite Packing cubes are extremely durable and ultra lightweight. They are the ultimate travel accessory and make packing and unpacking a breeze. Packing cubes help to compress and organise clothing as well as other items, maximising packing space. Available in different sizes, they are designed to fit in all suitcases, duffle bags and backpacks.

Learn more about the benefits of packing cubes here.

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Packing cubes will change the way you travel

Luggage packing cubes, also known as packing cells are the perfect way to maximise your suitcase space and stay organised. Think of them as drawers in your suitcase. Sort by item, weather or destination so that you know exactly where everything is.

Zoomlite offers the largest selection of packing cubes in Australia. You can choose packing cubes in various sizes and colours, or choose out most popular value bundle.

What are packing cubes?

Packing cubes are lightweight, zippered bags or pouches that help you stay organised when you are travelling. They make it super easy to transform your luggage from a disorganized mess into a neatly organized one that sparks joy. They help to keep clothes compressed (saving you space), as well as saving you time trying to find particular items, as everything has its place.

They are not necessarily cube shaped, coming in a variety of shapes and sizes. Essentially, they are a packing system for organizing your suitcase. They are also known as packing cells, compression cubes or travel organisers.

Why are packing cubes the best travel luggage organisers?

When you open your bag, do you prefer a neatly organized system where can easily find what you are looking for without tearing apart the entire contents of your bag or do you prefer the jumbled mess of clothes where you are constantly looking for items that are buried in some hard to find corner?

This is where packing cubes come to the rescue. They not only help organize the contents of your bag can also help save space, as a cube will compress your clothes together.

Whether you’re a frequent traveller, the casual holiday traveller or a backpacker, there are many ways that packing cubes will make your travels easier.

  • Packing cubes will save you space
  • They will make packing and unpacking easier
  • They will keep your packing sorted and organized
  • They will protect your clothes and minimize wrinkles and creases
  • They are reusable over and over again!
  • They keep the contents of your luggage private during customs and TSA inspections

How do you use packing cubes?

Using packing cubes is quite straightforward. Think of packing cubes as drawers in your wardrobe. Simply group and sort your packing according to your preference.

Place them in appropriate size cubes, zip them closed and place the cubes inside your luggage. It’s really that easy.

Here are a few tips to get you started using packing cubes -

Start with a packing list

Whether this is your first trip or you are a seasoned traveler, a packing list is always useful. It lets you think of everything essential that you need and also will help you in taking what you really need.

Roll your clothes

Rolling clothes helps to take some of the air out of the garment, allowing it to take up less space. Fold the item as normal, then see how small you can roll it. Line the rolled clothes up in your cube. This means that you can see each item when you open the cube, giving you choice, rather than choosing the item on top or digging to get to the one you want further down the stack.

Be picky when you pack

Choose clothes that will all compliment each other so that you can mix and match your wardrobe. Your favourite shirt ends up taking up more space if you need to bring specific pants, shoes and accessories to go with it. Lay out your items in categories before packing them and look at what you’re planning to take. Cut down where possible, then pack into your cubes by category.


What are the best ways to pack using packing cubes?

There is no right or wrong way to use packing cubes. It comes down to your personal preference. You can keep it really simple or you can get very creative. For example you can…

  • Pack by outfit

    One cube could be for your active wear, while another could hold your formal clothes.


  • Pack by climate

    You could put all your warm weather gear in one cube and pack for your cold weather destinations in another.


  • Pack by size

    Group similar items together. For example all your socks can go in a small cube and all your shirts can go in a larger cube.


  • Pack by color

    choose cubes in different colours to further group your packing and help identify your contents faster.


  • Use different types of packing cubes

    Depending on your needs, you can use a tech cube to pack your tech gear, a specialist shoe cube for your shoes or a padded cube for your underwear and bras.



Do packing cubes really help?

When you pack items individually into a large backpack or suitcase, you end up with wasted space because of gaps between the contents. Even if you’re able to fill up every inch of space, once the suitcase has been tossed and turned on its travels, the items aren’t arranged how you started. Then after you’ve been living out of your suitcase for a few days it becomes a chore to find the items you need.


Save time packing & unpacking

By using packing cubes and sorting them to suit your needs you save time searching your suitcase while you’re away. They also make it easier to see how many of each item you’re taking, which, along with a packing list, can help limit overpacking or forgetting important items. To unpack at your destination, simply remove the full packing cube from your suitcase and place it in the hotel drawer. No need to sort items. Leaving them in the cubes in the drawers will help you to repack your suitcase when it’s time to leave, reducing the chance of leaving something behind.

Save space in your luggage

By using packing cubes and sorting them to suit your needs you save time searching your suitcase while you’re away. They also make it easier to see how many of each item you’re taking, which, along with a packing list, can help limit overpacking or forgetting important items. To unpack at your destination, simply remove the full packing cube from your suitcase and place it in the hotel drawer. No need to sort items. Leaving them in the cubes in the drawers will help you to repack your suitcase when it’s time to leave, reducing the chance of leaving something behind.

They help you find items

By keeping like items together it makes it easier to locate items in your suitcase. This is particularly helpful when travelling as a family and different family members are using the same suitcase.  It’s also a good indicator of when it’s time to do laundry – when the cube is getting empty it’s time to wash some clothes.  This means you’re not searching the bottom of your suitcase for a clean shirt you’re pretty sure (but not certain!) should be there.

They stop clothes from creasing

Rolling delicate fabrics is a great way to stop them from creasing in your bag.  When items are left loose in the suitcase, they often end up looking like they’ve spent the day travelling, just as you have.  By tightly packing them into packing cubes, they remain neat and ready to be worn.

Different sizes for different purposes

You could just buy a bunch of packing cubes in a large size and use them as drawers for your suitcase, however often you’ll end up with a mess.  Putting small items in small cubes and large items in larger cubes you’re limited the digging around in a large space.  By using the right size cube for your items you can compress some of the air out and pack the cube tightly to help them remain wrinkle-free.  We suggest large cubes for trousers and jumpers, medium cubes for shirts, shirts, dresses, and activewear, and small and extra small cubes for bathing suits, underwear, socks and small items like SD cards, chargers, cables etc.

There are many different uses

Packing cubes don’t need to be packed by item category, or even remain in your checked baggage.  You can sort out your clothing by destination, particularly if you’re planning a long trip with different weather conditions at different locations.  You can prepack outfits and pack them together in different cubes to be ultra prepared when you’re at your destination.  They can be used in your hand luggage to discreetly keep a change of clothes in case your suitcase makes a detour on its way to your destination.  You can keep a spare packing cube for dirty clothes to stockpile as you move between destinations.  You can even use packing cubes at home to keep items sorted.


Do packing cubes wrinkle clothes?

If packed correctly, packing cubes can help you avoid wrinkled clothes.  If you leave a lot of space in your cubes the items will end up tossed around, leading to wrinkles.  If you pack the cubes tightly, particularly if you roll your clothes, you can avoid wrinkles.  Garment folders are a great type of packing cube for keep dress shirts and trousers neatly folded and wrinkle-free.


Are packing cubes necessary?

Strictly speaking, no you don’t have to use packing cubes.  If you’re someone who lives out of a clean washing basket instead of sorting your clothes into dresser drawers you’re probably quite happy digging around your suitcase to find clothes each day.  However, packing cubes are a wonderful way to emulate your dresser drawers when you’re travelling.  They keep the clothes sorted, wrinkle-free and can help you save space in your suitcase.


How to choose the best packing cubes

When choosing packing cubes, durability is ultimately the most important attribute – you want a strong material with good quality zips, so that you can fill them to the brim without them breaking.

Choosing cubes with a good range of colours and sizes is also of benefit to help you sort items to best suit your needs.  Buying cubes in different sizes and colours help you to identify the contents.  This is great for families sharing a suitcase, as each family member can have their own cube easily identified by colour.

Look for features that will help you to use the cubes – such as mesh for breathability, tags for identifying the contents and handles for easy carrying.

Look at the specific dimensions of the cubes you’re ordering as there is no standard for how big a large, medium, or small should be.  Zoomlite cubes have generous sizing and can fit as much as a three piece set of an equivalent size that some other brands will carry.



What size packing cubes do I need?

This is an important question and a difficult one to answer.  There are some people who travel very light and can fit two weeks’ worth of clothes in a couple of small cubes.  For the rest of us, the answer will vary depending on where you’re going and how long you’re going for.  Clothes for a week at the beach will require less cubes than a week in the snow. 

Our 4 piece starter set is a good way to try packing cubes and get a feel for the sizes and their capacity.  The 4 piece set will suit most people for a long weekend (3-4 days worth of clothes).  We have also created bundles to cover you for longer.  Most larger suitcases (70-80cm) will fit our 10 piece bundle, and should cover one person for a couple of weeks.  You may even have a few cubes left over for dirty laundry or keeping a change of clothes in your carry-on.


How many packing cubes do I need?

As with the question above about what size packing cubes are needed, the number of packing cubes you need will also depend on how you pack, where you’re going and how long for.  We have put together this handy guide showing how many packing cubes will fit into different suitcase sizes. 


What types of packing cubes do I need?

This is a matter of personal choice and your desired level of sorting and organization.  There are specialty cubes for shoes, laundry, tech accessories, bras & underwear, business shirts, ties & cuff links, toiletries, and medication.  There are also compression cubes that help squeeze more air from the packing cube.   While all these cubes have their uses, you may find you don’t need them all.  For some travellers separating medicine and toiletries is important, whereas others can fit it all together. 

People travelling with multiple devices, chargers, SIM cards, SD cards and power cables will find a tech organiser a must have.  People who plan to hike in wilderness areas will find shoe cubes important for keeping their shoes separate from their other belongings.  Think about how you travel and what you need to take and buy your packing cubes accordingly. Zoomlite offers a huge selection of specialty cubes to cover all your needs.


Compression Packing Cubes vs Vacuum bags


Where space is of a premium compression cubes or vacuum bags may help you to save further space. Compression cubes are packing cubes with an extra zip to further compress the cubes once they’re packed.  Vacuum bags are sealed bags that you can draw the air out of.  They are particularly helpful when you are carrying bulky items, such as snow gear or a parka.

While vacuum bags compress down to the smallest space, there are a few things to note:

Using packing cubes or compression cubes are easier to access as you don’t have to release the air

  • Fabric cubes are more durable than plastic cubes
  • Packing cubes stack neatly into a suitcase
  • Clothing will be less creased than if you use vacuum bags.
  • Cubes with mesh for breathability will mean your clothes are less musty