Why Cross Body Bags Are a Must For Female Travellers


Travelling the world has never been easier.

You could literally jump online, buy some flights and be in the streets of Rome, Paris or Dubai within a couple of days.

But with greater opportunity comes higher expectations from the avid traveller. Compared to 20 or 30 years ago, the travel market is significantly different. Now we rely on smartphones to get around, expect first-class experiences wherever we go, and can plan an entire trip from our living room that goes off without a hitch.

No missed trains. No cancelled flights. No over-priced hotels. We expect more from the travel industry, because there is simply more choice out there now.

Just like with transportation and accommodation, the expectations of the modern traveller when it comes to travel accessories and luggage have also gone to a new level. It's no longer about grabbing whatever old suitcase you have lying around the house and jumping on a plane.

You want to experience the world, without the fear of bag slashers and pickpockets taking your valuables. So you need to your bags to combat these challenges, all whilst being stylish, lightweight and well organised.

Cross body bags could be the solution you're looking for. Here's why.

They are hands-free

As you navigate a city centre, you'll be completely occupied by what is happening around you.

You might have a map or phone in your hands to guide you around the town. And you'll probably spend half of your time with a camera trying to grab snapshots to show your friends and family back home.

You may even find yourself completely immersed in a local market, taste-testing the local foods, buying knick-knacks to take home as gifts, and feeling the soft and luxurious fabrics of new clothes.

Everything about a new and enticing environment is a million times easier if you have your hands free.

You don't want to be struggling to carry your hand bag as you immerse yourself in the experience of another culture. That's why having a hands free bag is incredibly important for enjoying your travels to the fullest.

Instead of a traditional hand bag or shoulder bag, cross body bags offer you complete freedom to take photos, taste-test food, navigate on a map, and soak up the local sights with your hands ready for action.

They are secure

As a non-native in a new city, you will probably run into situations that make you a vulnerable target.

Pickpockets often look for tell-tale signs like maps, cameras, and backpacks to tell if you are a tourist. Not only that, but carrying your belongings on your back means that you will invariably have your back turned when thieves make their move. 

No one wants to run into a situation where they have had their wallet, phone, or passport stolen while they are traveling. The solution, of course, is to keep your belongings in your sight at all times, and for women, the best option is to have a bag that is kept on the front of their body. In this case, a cross body bag could be the way to go.

Nonetheless, not all cross body bags are created equal. In some regions of the world, bag slashers are notorious, and having your bag in sight will not stop a thief from cutting the strap and quickly taking off with your things. To make sure your bag is as secure as possible, you should also consider getting a bag with cut-resistant straps.

Check out Zoomlite's secure handbags for a stylish alternative to travelling safe!

They are compact

The worst feeling when you are traveling around a foreign city is the feeling that you have lost or forgotten something. In this situation, you would find yourself frantically checking pockets, and feeling the bottom of your bag five times just to make sure that your phone or wallet doesn't suddenly reappear where you've already looked.

To remove some of this stress, you can make sure that your bag isn't overwhelmed with pockets or empty space so that all of your important belongings are organised and kept in the same spots - easy to find.

Cross body bags tend to be smaller than other hand bags, and every pocket has a clear purpose. This kind of built-in organisation will undoubtedly help you to feel at ease during your entire trip.

They are lightweight

To get the most out of a city, you'll probably decide to jam-pack your day with activities. From morning to night, you'll be on your feet, exploring and enjoying the exciting new feeling of some place you've never experienced. Throughout the day, you might buy mementos of your travels and end up having a whole bunch of bags to deal with.

This is why you absolutely need your bag to be lightweight. A nice, compact cross body means that you won't be able to pack anything unnecessary for your daily excursions - and it also means that your bag will be lightweight.

Cross body's are also designed to relieve the weight pressure from your shoulders and back, by redistributing it evenly across your upper body.

After a day of sightseeing you are likely to be tired and sore, so you will be thankful if you choose a lightweight bag to relieve as much of that pressure as possible. 

They are versatile

For long vacations, you will likely find yourself in a number of settings throughout the week.

For example, you could start your day in a cosmopolitan city like San Francisco, but then move on to the beautiful coast of California to see all of the small beach towns along the pacific.

Or maybe you're a seasoned traveller who takes many trips throughout the year to a variety of exotic locations; one trip, you might be in Paris, but the next one, you might find yourself in Dubai.

Having a travel bag that can go with you to all of these locations is absolutely essential. Cross body bags are a classic travel alternative to handbags, meaning that there are many, many styles to choose from in just about any colour.

Better yet, these bags don't have to live in your closet between trips the way that suitcases do. You'll be able to keep using your cross body after your trip, as it looks at home in just about any situation. 


When choosing a bag for your next trip, there is no doubt that a well designed cross body offers a number of vital benefits.

You're able to get around a new city easily without being weighed down by a shoulder tote or a backpack, and you'll be at ease not having to wonder which pocket has your phone, wallet, or camera.

While your hands are free you can take all of the photos you want, and it won't limit your desire to shop at every opportunity possible!

All in all, there is a reason that cross body bags are a favourite with seasoned travellers. Definitely consider investing in one for yourself on your next voyage!

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