Top 5 European Travel Destinations for Summer 2015

August 05, 2015 3 min read


Planning a trip to Europe is always a good idea. There are thousands of cities to visit and adventures that can satisfy the most discerning traveler in your family. Summer is always a peak travel time, and if you’re trying to figure out where to go take a look at the top five European destinations below.



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To get away from the summer crowds and escape to an island off the coast of Spain, look no further than the beauty that is Mallorca. With hilltop hermitages, mountain drives, hidden bays, and jagged cliffs, the endless scenery is stunning to say the least. And if you’re looking for wonderfully calm beaches, there are 19 uninhabited islets to keep you occupied.


If you’re heading somewhere where it’s all about the beaches, you want a suitcase that can protect your clothing and valuables from water and sand. That’s where a lightweight hard suitcase set comes in handy. Not only is it stylish, with a variety of bright colours, but it’s also less likely to soak in the rain and seawater.




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For an awe-inspiring city at an affordable price, look no further than Prague. With beautiful attractions from the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle, you’ll love every minute of your trip. With quaint streets and nightly street performers, there’s no better city in Europe to soak in storied churches, colorful buildings, and scenes from an urban fairytale.

If you’re in Prague, you’re going to want a messenger bag or satchel as you travel. There is so much to see and do in this amazing city. You’ll be glad you brought along a day bag to hold your camera, wallet, and souvenirs so that you can stay out late every evening.




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A delightful and enjoyable European city a little off the beaten path, Hungary’s capital of Budapest is a must visit. It has great nightlife, world-class music, and because of its gorgeous architecture and scenery, it’s nicknamed “Paris of the East.” And if you’re looking to try something a little different, take a look at Budapest’s natural thermal baths.


Budapest is a city steeped in history, but it’s also a city prone to pickpockets. When you want to carry your valuables with you safely, there’s no better option than anti-theft travel bags. A slash-proof bag allows you to keep your wallet, phone, camera, and ID safe while running around the city and exploring hidden corners.




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One of the most well-know and must-see cities in Europe has to be Rome. With its stunning history and masterpieces of Roman art and architecture, it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Named the Eternal City, there are endless corners to explore, restaurants to indulge in, and attractions to drop your jaw. Just be sure to choose your visiting time carefully, as Rome draws huge crowds all year long.



 Make sure you have an RFID blocking wallet before visiting this big city. Since tourism is rampant, so are thieves. Protect yourself and your vacation with a wallet that keeps your identity safe but looks fashionable at the same time. After all, you are in Italy, one of the fashion capitals of the world.




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A tour of Europe isn’t complete without spending time in the beautiful outdoors. Nowhere is more diverse and offers so many incredible natural wonders as Iceland. Whether you’re looking for lush farmlands, slumbering volcanoes, coastal towns, geothermal pools, or untouched highlands, Iceland has a little bit of something for everyone.



If you’re going to be spending so much time outdoors, a travel backpack and duffel is a must. You don’t want to worry about rolling a suitcase over uneven terrain or not being able to camp under the unspoiled sky. A backpack gives you all the space of a normal suitcase with extra versatility.



No matter which city or country you choose, you’ll find something unique and amazing to inspire you for the rest of the summer. And when you purchase your travel luggage with each location in mind, you’ll find your trip is that much more enjoyable.


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