Is It Possible To Combine Style and Function With Your Handbag?


The task of picking a handbag may appear fun to someone who doesn’t understand the mental struggle that most women go through.

For most ladies, leaving the house without a bag in tow is unthinkable. A handbag is the ultimate accessory, which is why women insist on stylish designs.

However, a bag serves as much more than an extended part of your wardrobe. It is essentially a storage unit for all the stuff that is necessary for your daily activities like credit cards, cash, and a mobile phone, among other things.

For working women, a bag has to be functional enough to serve your specific needs. If you travel a lot, a bag that can carry an extra blouse is ideal in case you have to dash off last minute. Some women require bags large enough to carry small laptops without compromising on aesthetics.

Is it possible though? Can a handbag fulfil your need for practicality while remaining stylish?

At Zoomlite we are dedicated to combining these two elements and providing products that make you feel stylish and secure at the same time.

Here are some key features that help us do so...

Designs with a purpose 

Handbags are made to suit different occasions, which is why you must be clear about the purpose of the purchase before getting one.

Is the bag for traveling only? Is it for work? Such considerations make it less challenging to find a handbag that caters to your requirements. For instance, if your work demands that you carry a laptop or at least a tablet/iPad everywhere, then it has to be the right size.

Although you may want to have a bag for each occasion, it may not be affordable, so you end up with one bag that caters to various needs.

When looking to blend style and functionality, choose a bag that will look good in a specific setting. A Zoomlite cross body bag, for example, is ideal for weekend outings, a night out with your friends, and even for work on casual Fridays.

On the other hand, a satchel may be more appropriate for more serious occasions like weekdays at the office.


The ability to arrange your stuff neatly in a handbag is one element that defines its functionality. Women carry all sorts of stuff in their handbags, and keeping them well organised becomes a priority.

The compartments in a bag will tell you if it’s right for your needs. How much storage space serves your every day requirements? For example, you may need a pocket for your pens, sunglasses, and phone, in addition to the main compartments.

Zoomlite handbags come with detachable key rings, which is an added advantage because you won’t have to keep rummaging through your things every time you need to use your keys.  Also, there is less chance you will lose them when they are always hanging from a key ring in your bag.


Some women concentrate too much on the look of a handbag and forget about safety.

Modern day criminals have become ingenious in their tactics. Now, they can even scan your credit cards while they are still in your bags and retrieve your personal information. The next thing you know is that someone is running charges with your name, even though your credit cards have not left your bag.

Handbags with RFID blocking technology such as those from Zoomlite are gaining popularity for this reason. The technology allows you to keep your personal information safe when carrying around your credit and debit cards.

Pickpockets are the other threats women have to worry about. The design of a bag’s zippers determines how safe the pockets are from pickpockets. A Zoomlite handbag comes with a clip to secure your zippers, which gives you peace of mind, especially when carrying valuables like a laptop or tablet. 

The material

Another buying guide tip is to consider the material used to make a particular handbag. With all the choices available on the market, it is easy to get duped with fake bags.

Unoriginal brands have become very common due to the need to fulfil the hunger for designer products. The trouble is that such handbags are made of very poor quality materials that can be slashed by thieves easily.

When looking for functionality, you want a bag that won’t tear easily from the stuff you put in it. Style should not be the reason you give up on durability. You need a bag that can put up with all kinds of weather.

Zoomlite uses water resistant material, which is a huge advantage, especially for your everyday handbag. You must be at work even when it rains so the only way to protect your things is to keep them safe in a good quality bag. Water-repellent materials ensure that your electronics don’t suffer water damage during bad weather as well.


When most of your focus is on how much a bag can carry and how it looks, it's easy to forget about how comfortable it is on your arm.

Comfort takes various shapes and sizes for different women. For some, a long strap on a convertible satchel is comfortable, while others may prefer a short one. Some individuals find cross body bags restrictive and prefer shoulder pieces or backpacks.

The size of a handbag also contributes to its level of comfort. Fitting too many things in a small bag will distort its appearance and make it cumbersome to carry around. Get a bag that can support the weight of everything you put in it. Zoomlite bags have padded interiors and straps/handles to provide maximum comfort for users.


Finding a bag that satisfies all your needs is a daunting task given all the numerous alternatives available. However, when you know what the perfect bag entails, it’s easier to find it.

As much as style plays a critical role when buying a handbag, it doesn’t have to be the only deciding factor.

Zoomlite handbags are proof that you can get both functionality and great designs with your handbags.

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