5 Bags Every Man Should Have

The sight of a man with a bag other than a briefcase was once a rarity, but attitudes towards men’s accessories have changed. What was once a nearly taboo trend – man bags – has turned into one of the most popular. Now anyone can reap the convenient benefits of being able to carry as much or as little as they want on their person with many brands jumping at the opportunity to design practical and stylish man bags for every occasion. Read on to discover man-bag-basics that each man should own.

A bag for business

A briefcase is a great, timeless option for carrying business documents and your laptop. But for a man that would prefer to have a hands-free option, a satchel fitted with organisational compartments works well. Alternatively, a sleeve-like laptop case that can double as an easy clutch or folio is a great sleek option for those that want something more minimal that can be carried within a bigger bag, such as a backpack.

What to look for

Your laptop is one of the most important and expensive things that you’ll carry around with you, so a bag with adequate padding designed to keep a laptop secure is key. Make sure you find a bag that is designed for your device’s size as it should be snug and in place in the bag. You will also want to keep the colour and design of your business bag quite neutral so that it can work with almost everything in your wardrobe – black or navy is always a safe and stylish bet.

If you are in the market for a satchel, make sure there are enough extra compartments for laptop accessories, as well as your daily essentials such as your wallet, headphones and business documents. 

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A casual bag for essentials

A cross-body bag is one of the most practical bags that a man can own. Cross-body bags are sometimes likened to a bum-bag, but contemporary designs are much more stylish.

They are fitted with an adjustable strap that slings across the body (hence the name); are spacious enough to carry everyday essentials such as your phone, keys and wallet; and small enough to be carried around all day without you noticing. 

What to look for

The right size and segmentation of a cross-body bag will depend on what each man’s everyday essentials are. If you carry around more bits and bobs, look for a bag that can accommodate this. If you carry very few things around, you can shop for something smaller.

Convenience is key with a cross-body bag. It’s easy to fall into the compartment trap and buy something with too many pockets. What you should look for is something with just enough compartments that will keep you organised, not confused. Straps that can be easily adjusted or clipped and unclipped will also make the bag easy to take on and off. It’s also a good idea to look for something with anti-theft features so that you can use the cross-body bag while travelling. 

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A stylish bag for your back

Most men will already own a backpack because they are versatile, easy to use and convenient. But for some style is an after-thought, so the same utilitarian backpack that is used for hiking or sports is also used every day for work or casual outings. While that is perfectly acceptable, sometimes it’s nice to have a sleek backpack that suits different occasions.

All those extras that make a backpack great for a hike or sports are just added bulk at other times. If you’re of this philosophy, then look for a backpack that offers the same convenience and comfort – but with a more minimal design that is appropriate for the office or metropolitan outings. 

What to look for

Comfort should not be sacrificed for style, so it’s still important to look for features that will make your backpack a pleasure to carry. You’ll want something with comfortable, adjustable straps, and that is big enough to fit a day’s worth of items in it, but not so big that you will carry around more weight than you need!

Also bear in mind what you will be packing – laptop, headphones etc – and make sure there are appropriate pockets and space for these items. A secure bag with anti-theft features will also be handy to have for travel. 

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An all-purpose bag

Tote bags are handy all-purpose bags to have on different occasions. Their spacious interior makes them great as small overnight bags, gym bags, carry-on, a picnic bag – any occasion that requires a bag that can carry a little something extra. 

What to look for

Look for a tote with a spacious interior that can be used to pack bulky items if needed, but also has a few handy pockets and compartments for organisation. In terms of size, try and keep it within the dimensions of a carry-on so that it can be used for that purpose when flying.

A detachable carry strap is also a good idea as you are likely to try and fit as much into a tote as possible, so being able to sling it over your shoulder will make it easier to carry. 

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Bags to stay organised

Technically this isn’t one bag, so it will take our count higher than five, but bags that keep you organised on the road and in everyday life are essential. Packing cubes are a must for luggage organisation. For everyday bags such as tote bags and backpacks, consider investing in tech organiser that can carry all your essentials in it. It will also make switching from bags a breeze as you know that everything you need is already packed.

A wet bag that contains essential toiletries is also good to have for your gym bag, overnight bag or backpack.

For those with an active commute to work or travel for business often, a garment folder is essential. Garment folders will keep business shirts crisp in transit and will ensure that you are always well-presented. You can also keep a selection of ties neatly in a tie case while travelling for business – it’s not essential but it’s definitely nice to have! 

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 Next time you leave the house, don’t forget to leave with a stylish and practical man bag for the right occasion. Shop Zoomlite bags here.

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