Redefining Durability in Travel

Introducing NEOS, the latest innovation in travel luggage from Zoomlite. Engineered for the modern traveler, NEOS is a testament to our commitment to durability, style, and sustainable practices.

Our rigorous testing ensures that each NEOS luggage piece withstands the rigours of travel, offering peace of mind for every journey.

Embark on your adventures with NEOS - where reliability meets sophistication.

Resilience Test

NEOS, carrying up to 25 kgs, is dropped from 90 cms height 4 times, testing its resilience on every side, edge, and corner

Durability Tumble Test

NEOS undergoes an intensive tumble test where it is loaded with up to 25 kgs (15 Kgs for carry-on) and placed in a rotating chamber, simulating extreme travel conditions through repeated high drops and impacts for 35 cycles.

Telescopic Handle Stress Test

With a 25 kgs load, the NEOS is subjected to a test where the telescopic handle endures 300 cycles of lifting, dropping, and abrupt stopping, ensuring its strength and durability.

Wheel Longevity Test

Loaded with 25 kgs, NEOS is tested for wheel durability over a 16 km distance on a roller track designed to replicate uneven and challenging surfaces

Mileage Endurance Test

The NEOS suitcase, carrying up to 25 kgs, is put through a gruelling 16kms km journey at a speed of 4 Kms/h on a specialised treadmill mimicking rough terrain, testing the endurance of the wheels and handle under pressure.