3 Pc Compression Bundle
3 Pc Compression Bundle
3 Pc Compression Bundle
3 Pc Compression Bundle
3 Pc Compression Bundle
3 Pc Compression Bundle
3 Pc Compression Bundle
3 Pc Compression Bundle
3 Pc Compression Bundle
3 Pc Compression Bundle
3 Pc Compression Bundle
3 Pc Compression Bundle
3 Pc Compression Bundle
3 Pc Compression Bundle
3 Pc Compression Bundle
3 Pc Compression Bundle
3 Pc Compression Bundle
3 Pc Compression Bundle
3 Pc Compression Bundle

3 Pc Compression Bundle

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  • Made from single-use recycled plastic bottles
  • Extra zip compresses your packing by squeezing air out
  • TagIt label windows to help identify contents
  • Value bundle to save you money - 2 sizes included to cover your packing needs
  • Save up to 40%, build your own bundle here

Want to take your packing to the next level & be kind to the planet at the same time? Become a packing master with Sustainable Compression Packing Cubes made from recycled single-use plastic bottles! Each cube saves between 3 and 6 plastic bottles from landfill.

You get all the regular benefits of using Zoomlite packing cubes - generous sizing, lightweight materials, breathable mesh panels, grab handles and unqiue #TagIt label windows - plus an extra zip to squeeze the excess air out and keep it out. Perfect for hiking, camping, caravanning, cruising, road tripping or jetsetting - anywhere you need to make the most of every inch of storage space! 

The Compression Packing Cubes 3 Pc Set - Large bundle contains:-

  • 2 Large Sustainable Compression Packing Cubes,
  • 1 Medium Sustainable Compression Packing Cube

Also available as individual cubes.

  • Sustainable travel - We minimise the impact on the planet by recycling plastic to make this material

  • Eco-friendly - Reduce plastic going into landfill: 3-6 plastic bottles make each cube

  • Pack more in less space - Additional zip around the side of these cubes allow you to compress your items further to pack more in your suitcase

  • Find items fast - Sort belongings by type or design you own unique packing system and organise your clothing easily

  • Unpacking is a breeze - Unpack straight into your hotel room drawers, then zip them back up when you’re ready to leave, minimising your chances of leaving items behind

  • Versatile packing solution - Perfect for organising all of your travel bags, including carryon bags, suitcases, duffle bags and backpacks

  • Avoid embarrassing spills - Opening your suitcase for customs or to move items around to meet baggage limits won’t expose your undergarments to the world when they’re packed in packing cubes

  • Negotiate baggage limits with ease - Easily manage overweight suitcases with packing cubes, simply transfer 1 cube to another bag or hand luggage to avoid costly excess baggage fees

  • #Tagit - Label your contents for easier packing & unpacking using the built-in tag window

  • Breathable mesh panel - Helps you to see inside your cubes, as well as providing ventilation for items inside
  • Easy grab handles - Zoomlite cubes are easy to carry with lightweight webbing handles, making it simple to pack and unpack your suitcase
  • Roomy design - Spacious interior allowing you to fit all your items easily
  • Extra savings - Save 25% by purchasing in this set compared to buying individually
  • Multiple colours - Choose from 7 colours to colour code your packing by family member, destination or item

  • Dimensions:
    • Medium - 37 x 25 x 12 cms (1 pc included)
    • Large - 44 x 34 x 12 cms (2 pcs included)
  • Weight:
    • Medium - 160 grams
    • Large - 200 grams
  • Capacity: 47L for this large set of 3 packing cubes
  • Material:
    • Fabric made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles
    • Polyester Mesh
  • Exterior Details:
    • See-through mesh panels
    • Webbing grab handles
    • Corded double zipper pullers
    • Easy-glide, self-repairing zippers
    • Additional compression zippers
    • #Tagit label windows
  • More Info: This set saves 15 plastic bottles from going into landfill
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects covering materials and workmanship
  • Origin: China
Basic packing cubes allow you to compress your items slightly by squeezing them into the existing cube shape. Extra compression cubes have a secondary zipper that you close once you've filled your packing cube, squeezing more air out and taking up less space in your suitcase
The amount of compression will depend on the number and type of item. Bulky clothing, like jackets and jumpers, or light fabrics, like t-shirts, will compress a lot of air out. Dense items or heavy materials, like jeans, will compress less.
The details of the individual packing cubes are - Medium - 37 x 25 x 12 cms, 160 grams; Large - 44 x 34 x 12 cms, 200 grams. (2 large cubes and 1 medium is included in this bundle)
We recommend that you hand wash your cubes with soap and water. Hang them out to line dry. They are extremely lightweight and fold up easily, hardly taking up any room in your case. They can also stay flat as they don't have a rigid construction.
No, the top panel is mesh. The main material though is made from ripstop nylon which is water repellant.
This listing is for a 3 piece set of Sustainable Compression Packing Cubes in 1 colour (Small, Medium and Large). You can also purchase the Sustainable Compression Packing Cubes individually.
By making products out of recycled plastic we're helping to reduce the amount of plastic going into landfill. You can help too by buying products made from recycled materials and by recycling items that can be recycled.

Your order will be sent within 1-2 Business days from our Melbourne warehouse.

Please refer to your shipping confirmation email to track your order. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care team anytime!

Organise Your Packing
Compress & Save Space
Protect Your Clothing
Lightweight Materials
Label & Identify Your Packing
Breathable Mesh Panels
Durable Premium Materials
Pack & Unpack Quickly

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