Mt Fuji – An Unforgettable Journey

To many foreigners, Mt Fuji may simply appear as a majestic mountain that invites climbers and photographers from across the globe. However, to the Japanese, this magnificent volcanic peak is much more than that—it's an unparalleled cultural symbol and a source of immense inspiration. Woven into the spiritual fabric of Japan for centuries, Mt. Fuji has been a sacred place inspiring poets, artists, and pilgrims throughout the country’s history. Ascending to its summit is not just a physical challenge but a life-changing spiritual pilgrimage for locals.

For adventurous travellers and nature enthusiasts alike, hiking to the summit of Mt. Fuji offers an exhilarating experience. The climbing season typically runs from July to early September, with several trails each offering unique difficulty levels and scenic views. Spending a night in a mountain hut and hiking to the summit to watch the sunrise is an achievement that will stay with you forever.

Ways to Enjoy Mt Fuji Without a Mountain Climb

You don't need to be a seasoned mountain climber to experience the magic of Mt Fuji. There are multiple ways to soak in the beauty of the peak and its surrounding landscapes, many of which don't require an overnight climbing excursion.

If you're heading to Japan and contemplating whether you can fit in a quick visit to Mt Fuji, you're in luck. The majestic volcanic peak is just a two-hour journey from Tokyo, and you can enjoy awe-inspiring views even on a day trip.

Planning Your Visit to Mt Fuji

Here are a few titbits of information that will come in handy while planning your visit:

The Yoshida Trail

Regarded as the easiest way to reach the peak (though it’s still quite challenging), the so-called 'beginner's trail' to the summit of Mt Fuji begins near the town of Fuji Yoshida. The hike takes about 7-8 hours to complete, and guided ascents are typically spread over two days. This is the most popular trail, and although it's considered 'the easiest route' to the top, it is far from ‘easy’. Ascending to Mt Fuji’s peak, Japan's highest point at an altitude of 3,776 metres, requires hard work and a decent fitness level. Nevertheless, the Yoshida Trail is well-marked, lined with mountain huts and offers plenty of opportunities to rest and buy refreshments.

Relax in an Onsen with Views of Mt Fuji

If climbing sounds a bit too strenuous and you prefer a more relaxing experience, consider soaking in the beauty of Mt Fuji from a traditional hot spring, or onsen. An array of exceptional traditional inns (ryokan) and public hot spring complexes are scattered across the resort town of Fuji Kawaguchiko on the shores of Lake Kawaguchi, the second-largest of Fuji's five lakes. Check out these five Mt Fuji hot spring options for an invigorating soak with killer views.

Enjoy the View from Fuji Yoshida

Whether you're planning to tackle the Yoshida trail or not, visiting its starting point in Fuji Yoshida is a rewarding experience in itself. It's the closest town to the peak, offering fantastic views of Mt Fuji even if you're not climbing it. A day spent in Fuji Yoshida, reachable from Tokyo in under two hours by train, is a convenient way to enjoy a glimpse of the mountain's peak.

The Elusive Sight of Mt Fuji

Don't be disheartened if you can't catch a clear view of Mt Fuji. The peak is often shrouded in clouds, especially during the summer when it's hiking season. However, spending more time in the area will increase your chances of getting a great view, at least once.

Extraordinary Views from Chureito Pagoda and Mt Tenjo

For a less strenuous climb, consider the hilltop Chureito Pagoda in Fuji Yoshida, or take the Mount Fuji Panoramic Ropeway up to the peak of Mt Tenjo. Both offer breathtaking views of Mt Fuji and are much easier to tackle than the mountain itself.

Packing for Your Visit

As you plan your visit to Mt. Fuji, remember that organizing your gear is as important as planning the trip itself. Whether you're planning to hike or enjoy the surrounding landscapes, packing essentials into a reliable anti-theft travel bag from Zoomlite not only helps you keep your belongings safe, but also lets you focus on the beauty around you.

And if you plan to spend a night on your journey, consider using Zoomlite packing cubes to organise your necessities. These cubes help you maximise luggage space and keep your belongings accessible, making them especially useful when you're on the move.

Are You Ready for the Adventure?

The Five Lakes region at the foothills of Mt Fuji offers a wide range of activities. Whether you prefer boat rides, lakeside walks, or dining with a view, there's something for everyone. Planning to visit Mt Fuji and the Five Lakes on your upcoming trip to Japan? We'd love to hear how you plan to take in the stunning views. 

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