Zoomlite guarantees its products free from manufacturing defects covering materials and workmanship, for the period of time stated in the warranty of each product. This warranty cannot be excluded under Australian consumer law. If there is a defect in the materials or workmanship we will repair/replace the product at our discretion. Warranty is limited to the purchase price of the product. Please retain proof of purchase for all warranty claims




Terms & Conditions

  • Warranty is not transferable, it applies only to the first purchase or gift recipient of the product. 
  • The duration of the warranty is specified on the product hangtag and/or the warranty section of each product on our website
  • Repairs / modifications performed on a product other than by Zoomlite or its authorised repairers will void the warranty
  • Warranty is limited to the purchase price of the product.
  • You are responsible for all costs in getting the product back to us for assessment/repairs. This is not limited to the costs of packing/shipping and any taxes involved.
  • All decisions on whether a product is under warranty will be determined by Zoomlite after assessing the product physically.
  • Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims.  Please retain your proof of purchase.  This may be a physical or a digital copy. 
  • After assessment, if a product is found to be defective and covered by warranty, Zoomlite reserves the right to repair/replace or refund at its discretion. If Zoomlite repairs or replaces the product under warranty, Zoomlite wil pay for all costs involved in getting the product back to you.
  • If on assessment a product is found to be not defective or not under warranty, Zoomlite will contact the customer to advise of any costs associated in repairing or replacing the product. Zoomlite reserves the right to charge for any costs involved in repairing and shipping the product back to the customer.
  • Note about Anti Theft Bags: Anti theft bags have been designed to thwart opportunistic thieves and bag snatchers. Zoomlite cannot guarantee to prevent theft of the product or its contents.
  • Note about Luggage: We all know that luggage has to withstand a lot and this is why we design and build our luggage to be tough. However, all luggage will scuff, scratch and have dints as it is used. Additionally, we cannot guarantee how baggage handlers/transport agents like airline/ship/taxi/porters will handle your luggage in transit or in storage. Any wear and tear attributed to this is normal and not covered under warranty. Any defect arising from mishandling during transit is also not covered. We urge you inspect your bag at the time of collection and report any damage to the carrier concerned and/or your travel insurance


What is not Covered?

  • Damage arising from misuse / mishandling
  • Incidental or consquential damage such as damage or loss of contents of a bag, loss of time or any other expenses of this nature
  • Damage caused by common carriers or when in transit
  • Normal wear and tear or damages such as scratches, abrasion or fading which do not affect the product's normal operation/purpose is deemed cosmetic and is not covered
  • Any packaging or shipping costs to send the product to Zoomlite or its agents for assessment or repair

Warranty Process

  • Step 1 - send us an email with some photos showing the front of the item, the back of the item and a close-up of the defect, along with your purchase details.  
  • Step 2 - we will contact you by email and advise if we need the product for assessment after verifying that the product is under warranty. Sometimes pictures don’t tell the whole story and we may need to physically have the product sent to us to be able to make a fair assessment.
  • Step 3 - If we are able to resolve the issue by sighting pictures we will be able to offer you the options of repair/replacement or refund at our discretion.
  • Step 4 - if we need the product back for assessment or repair then you will need to send the product back to us at your cost. 
  • Step 5 - If the product is found to be under warranty, we will repair/replace or refund. If we repair or replace the item Zoomlite will send the product back to you at our cost.
  • Step 6 - if the defects in the product is deemed to be not under warranty, we will give you an estimate of the cost of repair or the cost of replacing it. Any cost associated in returning the repaired or replaced product is at your expense.