Rafi RFID Slim Wallet (Euro)


The Rafi slim wallet (Euro) is the modern-day equivalent of the traditional wallet. The distinctive wraparound design creates a very slim profile, still allowing you to carry multiple cards and notes. 2 hidden card slots can also be used to carry coins or anything small and valuable. This wallet is suitable to fit larger currency notes (height more than 75mm like Euros, RMB, etc.) 

The standard size is suitable for USD, AUD, NZD, etc and can be found here.

Simplify your carry!

Using a slim minimalist wallet makes you think twice about the items you carry. You will not only reduce the excess stuff that you carry but also be able to carry it more comfortably in your pocket. It helps you stay organised and surely a more stylish and efficient way to carry your cards.


DashSlim RFID Wallet