New Anti-Theft Template


Protect your valuables from pickpockets and bag slashers with this lightweight versatile backpack that can be used as a daypack while you are out and about or as a small carry on when flying. The outer panels are reinforced with a highly slash resistant flexible fabric that has been rated at Level 5 (the highest cut rating possible), to resist bag slashers. The comfort padded backpack harness has adjustable straps that are supple and comfortable, constructed with flexible twin steel cables, stopping slash and grab thieves running away with your backpack or its contents. A dedicated pocket also uses Zoomshield RFID blocking technology to protect your credit cards and passport from data-stealing card scanners. Not only providing the ultimate in security, the functional & stylish backpack now has an integrated USB charging port to charge you smart phones while on the move.


What are the security features in this bag?

This bag has a dedicated section that has been lined with a special material that blocks transmission of RFID signals from your credit cards and/or passport to help safeguard your identity. Additionally 1 or more sections of this bag can be secure from opportunistic pick pockets, by the provision of a fixed clip to engage the zipper pullers.


RFID Blocking Pocket

Pickpocket Safe Compartments

Several compartments can be secured by a fixed clip, preventing pickpockets getting easily into your bag



Other Features?

Zoomlite secure handbags are extremely lightweight and constructed from water repellant durable nylon fabric. They are completely vegan friendly. This bag has adjustable wide cross body straps complemented by high quality metal hardware.