Blaise RFID Secure Travel Wallet


The Blaise ziparound travel wallet secures your contents in a slim profile. Zoomshield technology is used to secure your credit cards and passport from electronic scammers and offers peace of mind RFID protection. Boasting plenty of card slots, a full length note section, hidden zipper section for coins and valuables it also offers a multi purpose pocket that can accomodate your mobile phone. Particularly useful when travelling and changing your SIM card, the Blaise RFID Secure Travel Wallet has also been designed to house a SIM card and SIM tool.


Simplify your carry!

Using a slim minimalist wallet makes you think twice about the items you carry. You will not only reduce the excess stuff that you carry but also be able to carry it more comfortably in your pocket. It helps you stay organised and surely a more stylish and efficient way to carry your cards.


DashSlim RFID Wallet