Get The Ultimate

Camping Packing List

Get The

Ultimate Camping

Packing List

Heading off on a camping trip?


Camping is an amazing way to get out into the wilderness and experience nature. Roughing it has a charm all of its own, but it comes with a few pitfalls. You need to bring everything with you, and often buying things you’ve forgotten is difficult, time-consuming and comes with a premium price tag.

Be prepared with our Ultimate Camping Packing List.

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Not every trip needs every item, so go through our comprehensive list and highlight what you need.

Bringing it with you is also a great way of making sure you don’t leave anything behind!

Save it, print it and share it with family and friends. We hope you find it useful!


What travellers are saying...

“Many thanks for emailing me the ultimate packing list - it will be great.
I have always made lists for packing but this one is the best! We are travelling overseas soon so it will be very helpful.”


Angela Lee


“Your packing list has been amazingly helpful. I will examine your other tips over the coming days. 9 Sleeps to go! ”


Kayren Browne

“Tk you Loving the list and will help very much when packing in a few months .”


“Thanks so much...I've been meaning to make list for years and now you have done it for me .”


Vikki Armour