Travel Safe, Travel Smart

So why not be proactive and use modern anti-theft technology
(that looks good too) to secure your priceless memories and important valuables?

Why should bag security be your top priority?

  • Are you one of the 80,000 Australians who lodged an insurance claim last year related to theft?
  • Have been affected by one of the 400,000 pickpocket incidents that occur daily around the world?

The reality of international travel is that slash and run thieves and professional pickpockets are extremely common in many popular tourist destinations. They are most likely looking to make some quick money from your valuables – your credit cards, cash, electronics or your passport.

Losing these things while you're travelling can cause a lot of inconvenience. For the next few hours, or even days, you will be speaking to credit card companies, negotiating with police officers and insurance companies or registering for a temporary passport so that you can simply make the trip home again.

You’re no longer relaxed and enjoying your adventures, instead you’re stressed out and scrambling just to get through it all. In the end, these things are all just material items. You can replace your passport and cancel your credit card, but not your peace of mind.

And what about the things you can’t replace?

What about the scrapbook or journal you have been keeping for your whole trip? What about the 50 photos you just took and forgot to save to the cloud or the cute little souvenir you picked up in the middle of nowhere that was going to make the perfect gift for your loved one?

These things are irreplaceable. Once they are gone, there is no foreseeable way for you to get them back. And most disappointing is that thieves don’t care about these items. In fact they probably just them tossed away as soon as they got around the corner. But for you, they are priceless.

Bag snatchers and pickpockets operate in teams, with well proven tactics that capitalise on manufactured opportunities. You most likely won’t see them coming, no matter how careful you are.

So why not be proactive and use modern anti-theft technology
(that looks good too) to secure your priceless memories and important valuables?

So why should you travel with an Anti-Theft Bag?

The simple answer is to protect your valuables. The top problem faced by travellers when abroad, whether they are in Paris, Rome, Barcelona or Hanoi is theft. It's impractical to leave behind everything of value. You still have to keep valuables like your wallet, credit cards, cash and passport, safe.

Anti-theft bags can help protect your valuables and belongings by making it more difficult for opportunistic thieves to slash through your bag or even cut off the strap and run away with your bag and valuables inside.

Professional pickpockets and slash & run thieves are more common than you’d think, and they often target busy locations like tourist attractions. On top of that you now have to contend with the modern day cyber thief. They can easily steal your identity from your credit cards and e-passports without even touching your bag.

OUTSMART scammers, pickpockets and bag snatchers

with modern anti-theft technology

Why Choose Zoomlite Anti Theft Bags?

Slash Proof

Bag snatchers frequently resort to cutting bag straps with knives before escaping with the bag and its contents. Straps reinforced with concealed, flexible steel cables reduce the likelihood of this while remaining invisible to the eye. They remain flexible and comfortable to wear while you are out and about, even after long periods of time.

RFID Blocking

Card scanning and ID fraud are ever present dangers for travellers. Modern day pickpockets can now silently download your personal credit card information and ID data easily with handheld "skimming" devices. Dedicated sections/pockets lined with a special shielding material blocks the transmission of RFID signals to keep your information safe.

Cut Resistant

Vulnerable sections of quality anti-theft bags are reinforced with special military-grade fabric that are woven using high-density knitting machines. This type of fabric has the highest cut rating possible – Level 5 – making it extremely resistant to slashing. This fabric is so tough - it is also used by homeland security and law enforcement agencies.

Pickpocket Safe

Pickpockets love an easy target. Most pickpocketing happens in crowded areas like tourist attractions and public transport.
It takes only a few seconds for a thief to easily unzip your bag and remove your valuables. Anti theft bags incorporate lockable zip pullers to make them extra secure. Even experienced pickpockets will struggle to access your bag without your knowledge.


We design all our bags to be extremely lightweight yet durable. After all, you don't want to be weighed down with unnecessary weight when travelling.


Our bags are designed for travel, however they are versatile enough to be used on your daily commute with multiple carry options.


Zoomlite bags are designed to keep you organised on the road through multiple pockets, compartments and dedicated areas for your tech.

Change your Look

Simply get a new look or add a pop of style to most Zoomlite anti theft bags by replacing your slash resistant strap with an interchangeable fashion crossbody strap.

Here's what some of our insiders say....

"TI love this backpack. I love the way that most of the outside pockets lock. I love all the inside pockets. I love the anti slash fabric, I love the RFID inside. I just love this backpack"

Sue W.

Love this backpack!!

"Love this bag! Perfect size for travel or even a night out. Recently had replaced under warranty and received exceptional customer service. Highly recommend this bag and company!"

Paula F.

Awesome bag - excellent customer service

"Bought to use in high ‘pickpocket’ areas in Europe - did not disappoint - but also need your wits about you of course! I like the added touch of the clip on the closed zipper"

Karen De B.

Felt Very Secure

"This bag is exactly what I needed for my trip to Italy. The safety features make me feel more secure and the bag is stylish and big enough to carry all I need it to without being too big. Lots of pockets and the little torch will be handy to see what’s in my bag when the light is low."

Christine F.

Very Quick Delivery

"I have recently bought anti-theft crossover bag and took it along to South Africa. I absolutely love the bag it is light but safe and mobile phone fits beautifully in one of the pouches. There are ample lockable zipped pockets to seperate passport,boarding pass ,travelling cash cards and other necessities. All in easy reach.It holds more than what I thought.

Gudrun J.

Light & Safe

"Sleek lines. The forward facing Passport/wallet pocket is what impressed me the most. The size is a bit smaller than I was looking for, but I hope to learn to pack lighter. Now I have an EReader, that should be easier. Once packed, a very comfortable fit"


Classy Pack

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Your bags used to have steel mesh panels, why the change?

The simple answer to that question is that the cut-resistant fabric we use to produce this new anti-theft design is a much better solution. It’s stronger, more durable, lighter, and less likely to damage your belongings or cut your skin if exposed. We are always striving to ensure that all of our customers spend less time worrying about theft, and just enjoy their travels – this new design is better at doing that.

Why not just make the anti theft bags out of Kevlar?

There are several reasons why we have chosen not to use Kevlar in the production of our anti-theft bags. The fabric we use for reinforcing our bags is significantly more resistant to cutting or slashing in comparison to Kevlar. The internationally recognised ISO cut resistant grading system gives fabric a score from 1 to 5, with Kevlar usually scoring a level 2 or in unique circumstances a level 3. The fabric we use scores a level 5, the highest cut resistant grading possible. Kevlar is also traditionally poor at reflecting UV and can weaken or discolour if exposed to direct sunlight

Why don't you call these cut proof bags?

Of course we would like to claim that our bags are cut-proof, but in reality that is simply impossible. Even though our bags are made with the best technology and highest grading of cut resistant fabric, if someone spent long enough trying to cut into them they would eventually make their way through. After all it is fabric, not steel. If you want to keep your things safe from pickpockets or bag slashers, then our bags are a great solution. But if you’re looking for an indestructible, cut-proof bag that can never be opened – buy a safe.

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