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Outsmart Scammers,
Pickpockets & Bag Snatchers.


Cut Proof Straps

Bag snatchers frequently resort to cutting bag straps with knives before escaping with the bag and its contents. Straps reinforced with concealed, flexible steel cables reduce the likelihood of this while remaining invisible to the eye. Yet they are flexible and comfortable to wear while you are out and about, even after long periods of time.

The steel reinforced straps stops 'slash and run' thieves from slashing your strap from behind and running away with your bag. Always try and wear your bag cross body style - this acts as an additional layer of security.


Pickpocket Safe Compartments

Pickpockets love an easy target. Specifically designed to thwart the attempts of pickpockets, anti-theft bags incorporate lockable zip pullers to make them extra secure, and are the perfect companion for the modern traveller.

Most pickpocketing happens in crowded areas like tourist attractions, escalators, crowded buses and train stations. It takes only a few seconds for a thief to easily unzip your bag after getting close to you, and remove your wallet, passport, camera and other valuables.

Lockable zip pullers are designed to keep the zippers closed and secure. It would take even experienced pickpockets to use two hands to open the zipper, making it extremely difficult. They will not be able to get access to your bag without your knowledge. The best part is that if you don't need to use this feature, you don't have to.




RFID Protection

Card scanning and ID fraud are ever present dangers for travellers. Modern day pickpockets can now silently download your personal credit card information and ID data easily with handheld "skimming" devices. This is done through your wallet or purse without you even being aware of it. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) is also found in new e-passports and contains all the information that is present on the first page of your passport.

To prevent identity theft, Zoomlite anti-theft bags have dedicated sections which are lined with a special shielding material that blocks the transmission of RFID signals.


Slash Proof Panels

All the vulnerable sections of Metroshield anti-theft bags are reinforced with lightweight flexible steel mesh panels, which are fitted internally. The panels are embedded between the outer fabric and the inner lining of the anti-theft bags. These panels add an extra layer of security by making it difficult for bag slashers to get their hands on your valuables.

Usually bag slashers would slash your bags in crowded areas so that your valuables fall out into their hands. The steel mesh panels would resist slashing and prevent your valuables form falling out easily.





Safe-n-Secure Buckle

It only takes a moment to be distracted to allow your bag to be grabbed by opportunistic bag thieves. The Safe'n Secure feature allows the shoulder strap to be unhooked from one end of the bag and looped securely through any fixed post like a chair or table, back onto the bag.