Investing in a UV Sanitiser

Investing in a UV Sanitiser is a great decision, here's what you need to know.
There's an increasing number of UV Sanitisers on the market now, making different claims about their effectiveness. It's difficult to know what to look for and how to compare the different models. The number and strength of UV-C lights is the most important comparison when it comes to the effectiveness of a UV Sanitiser. Check out the table below for more details.

How does UVSAN-Pro compare?

Features UVSAN-Pro Homedics Orotec
Number of LED Lights 8 2 6
Number of UV-C LED Lights 8 2 2
Germicidal Dosage Strength 108mJ/cm2 Not provided Not provided
Germicidal Wavelength 270-280nm Not provided Not provided
Reflective Surface Inside Yes No No
Lab Results Published Yes Yes No
Fit Large Smart Phones Yes Unclear Yes
Wireless Charging Yes-10W No Yes-10W
Price $90 $99.95 $69.90

Critical Buying Criteria

1. Types of UV Disinfection Lamps

Industrial UV-C disinfection lamps are typically mercury vapour lamps. These lamps emit a high amount of UV-C at appx 254nm. A wavelength of 265nm is generally accepted as the optimum as it’s the peak of the DNA absorption curve. However, disinfection and sterilisation occur over a range of wavelengths. Most consumer mercury vapour lamps will be low pressure.

In recent times with LED technology advancement, LED (Light Emitting Diodes) versions have become more prevalent. They are typically smaller and much more efficient in the way they use power. As such they don't get as hot and can be used in battery powered portable devices.

However, many LED devices are cheap knockoffs. They tend to have very little strength to have any meaningful disinfection effect. Many LED devices tend to only be UV-A and UV-B emitting only or use 1 to 2 UV-C LEDs mixed with a greater number of UV-A and UV-B LEDs.


2. UV Light Strength and Dosage

The effectiveness of any germicidal UV device is measured by it's disinfection power which is a function of the strength of the UV-C light (irrradiance), distance from the object being disinfected and the exposure time. Various studies have been conducted to work out the dosage of UV radiation needed to kill pathogens like this one.

Most consumer-grade UV phone sanitisers do not specify the actual UV-C output of their device. They only specify the total energy output. The actual germ killing UV-C output is only a fraction of that.

They also do not specify the transmission wavelength. Only wavelengths between 200-280nm are effective in disinfection.  


What makes UVSAN-Pro better?


8 Powerful UV-C Lights
UVSAN PRO has 8 LED lights with all of them emitting UV-C. Many brands have multiple UV lights with only 2 on average emitting UV-C light. Typically any UV-C LED will also emit other wavelengths of UV light which has no germicidal effect. The key is to know the actual UV-C light wavelength and intensity


Strong Germicidal Dosage

Most brands will not specify the actual germicidal dosage of the UV-C lights. The germicidal dosage is a function of UV-C light intensity and cycle time. Consumer level phone sanitisers are most likely not effective with short cycle times of 1 minute or less unless they have very high intensity UV-C lights


Laboratory Tested

UVSAN-Pro has been laboratory tested. We have conducted our own tests with industry standard dosimeter cards and have verified the germicidal dosage and UV-C light intensity. We have also made available our lab testing  results.

The Zoomlite Advantage

What makes UVSAN-Pro different to the others

Genuine Lab Tests

True High-Power UV-C LEDs for optimum cleansing

Generous sizing to fit most larger smart phones and other daily touched accessories

Integrated Wireless Qi charging