Why do tens of thousands of travellers

LOVE Packing Cubes ?

Why do tens of thousands of travellers

LOVE Packing Cubes ?



Luggage packing cubes are the perfect way to maximise your suitcase space and stay organised. Think of them as drawers in your suitcase. Sort by item, weather or destination so that you know exactly where everything is.

Your best travel accessory

Your best travel accessory



Eliminate suitcase chaos

Eliminate suitcase chaos



Tame your packing

Tame your packing



Make packing a dream


Make packing a dream

Why should you use Packing Cubes?

Make Packing & Unpacking a breeze!

Organise Your Packing

Lightweight Construction

Protect Your Belongings

Compress Your Packing

Maximise Packing Space

Reduce Wrinkles

Easily Identify Your Packing

Pack & Unpack Quickly

The Zoomlite Difference

Finished seams and quality materials mean Zoomlite packing cubes will last

We offer the most colour and print options globally in packing cubes

A large assortment of sizes guarantees you great fit for all your packing needs

Identify contents quickly through the see through breathable mesh panels.

We offer unbeatable value bundles that are guaranteed to save you $'s

Completely Personalise Your Travel Packing


Choose from 7 sizes and over 15 colours and prints to completely personalise your packing.

In fact our current collection comprises of 137 different packing cube variations.

Choose different colours to pack by day, activity or colour code according to family members.

The possibilities are endless.



Packing Tips for Travellers

  • Always use a Packing List to plan your packing
  • Find out your airlines baggage policy
  • Use your carry on allowance wisely, check our what personal items you can take as well as a carry-on bag
  • Always use packing aids like packing cubes and garment folders
  • Roll your clothes instead of folding them
  • Check in your essentials and valuables
  • Invest in a lightweight suitcase
  • Only pack clothes that will go with everything. Stick to neutral colours appropriate for the season

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Here's what some of our insiders say....

We have received thousands of 5 star reviews

Exceeded expectations

“I bought the 10 pack of cubes for a five-week trip to Europe staying in various cities. Yes, I had read the reviews, which were all positive, but what happened next came as a complete surprise.

The ease and pleasure of packing and organising my suitcase are beyond belief. Everything has its place, is within easy reach and nothing else gets messed up. The cubes are exceptionally well made, with smooth double zippers and of a strong lightweight fabric. I now cannot imagine travelling without them ever again. In one word indispensable!”


Ruth T.
WA, Australia

Invest in these now!

“I had been procrastinating about packing cubes for awhile and knew there were many price points and product quality options to choose from. I'm so glad I bought Zoomlite 10 piece. I received them the day after ordering! And they were in use within days. It has totally transformed packing and also the dreaded unpacking process, especially as I'm on the move at the moment. The fabric is lightweight but sturdy at the same time and the zippers work like a dream.The size combination is also perfect for everything you need. I'm wondering how I ever lived without them.”


Leanne P.
Qld, Australia

Awesome product

“Bought the cubes for a trip to New Zealand. They were perfect for keeping everything in an orderly fashion. We travelled around by hire car so knowing what clothing was in which cube saved pulling everything out. Highly recommend.”

Kathy S.
Qld, Australia

Best packing idea, Ever

“Packing cubes are wonderful. It was so easy to pack our clothes and get them comfortably into a medium size suitcase for the trip we have just got back from. The cubes are light and so easy to zip and unzip. I have now bought a set for our daughter.”


Virginia K.
NSW, Australia

Experience the Zoomlite difference

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Best Packing Cube Options

There are 5 standard sizes available - X-small, Small, Slim-Medium, Medium and Large along with 2 slim tubes. An added bonus of the Zoomlite cubes is the generous depth of the cubes. See the product page for dimensions of each cube. We also have specialty cubes to help complete your set.

Are packing cubes going to add to my luggage weight?

No, the cubes are made from extremely lightweight tear resistant nylon. They weigh between 60 grams to 130 grams each and will not burden you down with excess baggage fees. Most people find that packing cubes help them plan better and cut weight from their suitcase.

How are packing cubes different to packing cells?

Packing cubes and packing cells are different names for the same thing - luggage organisers.

How many packing cubes do I need?

Well that depends on the size of your luggage and the duration of your trip. A good way to start is to get a starter set consisting of 4 cubes or the Globetrotter bundle of 10 cubes for longer trips.

How many packing cubes can I fit in my suitcase?

That depends on the size of your case or luggage. It is very hard to give a one fit solution for all, as each traveller's needs are different. Besides which, each manufacturer offers luggage in different sizes. We have a guide here to illustrate a scenario for the most common suitcase sizes. Actually it is like playing the game of Tetris - you can have several combinations of sizes that can fit inside the same case.

How long will they last?

Zoomlite packing cubes are extremely durable and will last for many trips to come. We only use quality materials in the construction of these nifty cubes.