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Are you one of the 80,000 Australians who lodged an insurance claim last year related to theft? Or perhaps you have been affected by one of the 400,000 pickpocket incidents that occur daily around the world?

The reality of international travel is that slash and run thieves and professional pickpockets are extremely common in many popular tourist destinations.

These thefts are most likely looking to make some quick money from your valuables – your credit cards, cash, electronics, or your passport. Losing these things while you are travelling can cause an enormous inconvenience. For the next few hours, or even days, you will be speaking to credit card companies, negotiating with police officers and insurance companies, and most likely registering for a temporary passport so that you can simply make the trip home again. You’re no longer relaxed and enjoying your adventures, and instead you’re stressed out and scrambling just to get through it all.

But what about the things you can’t replace?

What about the scrapbook or journal you have been keeping for your whole trip? What about the 50 photos you just took and forgot to save to the cloud? What about the cute little souvenir you picked up in the middle of nowhere that was going to make the perfect gift for your mum, son, sibling or friend?

These things are irreplaceable. Once they are gone, there is no foreseeable way for you to get them back. Sure you have your memories, but how long will they last if you don’t have the physical evidence to bring them back to life every couple of years? The most disappointing thing about all of this is that the thieves don’t care about these things. In fact they probably just tossed them in the trash as soon as they got around the corner. But for you, these things are priceless.

Bag snatchers and pickpockets operate in teams, with well proven tactics that capitalise on manufactured opportunities. You most likely won’t see them coming, no matter how careful you are.

So why not be proactive and use modern anti-theft technology (that looks good too) to secure your priceless memories and important valuables?



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Bag snatchers frequently resort to cutting bag straps with knives before escaping with the bag and its contents. Straps reinforced with concealed, flexible steel cables reduce the likelihood of this while remaining invisible to the eye. Yet they are flexible and comfortable to wear while you are out and about, even after long periods of time.


Pickpockets love an easy target. Most pickpocketing happens in crowded areas like tourist attractions, crowded buses and train stations. It takes only a few seconds for a thief to easily unzip your bag after getting close to you, and remove your wallet, passport, camera and other valuables. Specifically designed to thwart the attempts of pickpockets, anti-theft bags incorporate lockable zip pullers to make them extra secure. Even experienced pickpockets will not be able to get access to your bag without your knowledge.


Card scanning and ID fraud are ever present dangers for travellers. Modern day pickpockets can now silently download your personal credit card information and ID data easily with handheld "skimming" devices. This is done through your wallet or purse without you even being aware of it. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) is also found in new e-passports and contains all the information that is present on the first page of your passport. Dedicated sections lined with a special shielding material blocks the transmission of RFID signals.


A common tactic for thieves is to slash the primary panels of your bag in a crowded area, so that your valuables fall out easily into their hands. The vulnerable sections of quality anti-theft bags are reinforced with special military-grade fabric that is weaved using high-density knitting machines. This type of fabric has the highest cut rating possible – Level 5 – making it extremely resistant to slashing.




It only takes a moment to be distracted to allow your bag to be grabbed by opportunistic bag thieves. The Safe'n Secure feature allows the shoulder strap to be unhooked from one end of the bag and looped securely through any fixed post like a chair or table, back onto the bag.




Click on the interactive image below to find out more about the built in security features of Zoomlite Anti-Theft Bags


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If you are travelling in an area that is known for pickpockets and thieves, then the last thing you want to do is stand out. Zoomlite’s Metroshield Anti-Theft bags are designed to look like your stylish every day bag; with a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes. Our bags are also lightweight and functional, despite their unique military grade cut-resistant material.

Outsmart Scammers
Pickpockets & Bag Snatchers!


With Zoomlite's
Most Popular Anti-Theft Bags!


The Messenger


  • Tear Resistant Soft Touch Water Repellent Fabric
  • Slip in compartment for iPad/tablet
  • Internal Organisation with multiple sections
  • Water Bottle holder
  • Cross Body Strap

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Anti theft Messenger Bag

Anti Theft Shoulder Bag


The Shoulder Bag


  • Tear Resistant Soft Touch Water Repellent Fabric
  • Slip in compartment for mini tablet
  • Internal Organisation with multiple sections
  • Cross Body Strap

Get your Anti-Theft Shoulder
in 4 colours at


The Backpack


  • Lightweight Tear Resistant Nylon
  • Padded Laptop & tablet Sections
  • Utility External Zipped pockets
  • 15 litres

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in 2 classic colours at


Anti Theft Small Backpack

Anti Theft Slim Crossbody Bag


The Slim Crossbody


  • Tear Resistant Soft Touch Water Repellent Fabric
  • Functional & Stylish
  • Internal Organisation with multiple sections
  • Cross Body Strap

Available in 5 colors at $69.95!


The Large Backpack


  • Lightweight Tear Resistant Nylon
  • Padded Laptop & tablet Sections
  • Utility External Zipped pockets
  • Vented Comfort Back Padding
  • 21 litres

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Anti theft backpack


What is RFID?


RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. It refers to a small electronic chip that stores information. This chip is found in most modern day paywave, paypass style credit cards as well as e-passports. RFID is also present in id cards and public transport stored value cards like Opal and Myki. The information stored on this chip can be read with the use of radio waves by using a reader from upto several feet away. The chip and reader don’t have to touch.

RFID is a technology that makes life more convenient, but can also lead to security and privacy issues. Criminals are able to read the sensitive personal data stored in RFID chips - such as credit card numbers, your personal details including name and date of birth. This information in the wrong hands can easily be misused. Hence, bags and purses with special RFID shielding material are able to prevent unauthorised scanning of your RFID cards and passports, preventing identity theft.


Where should I place my credit cards and passports?


Zoomlite anti-theft bags have special dedicated pockets and sections that are made using a special shielding material. This blocks the unauthorised scanning of your credit cards and passports. The protected areas are usually indicated with the RFID symbol printed on the lining of these areas. They vary between products and can be a large pocket or a complete zippered compartment. Please check your bag carefully to identify this special section.


How do you securely lockdown your bag?


Zoomlite anti-theft bags and backpacks come with a secure lockable carabiner. This helps you to unhook your strap from one end and feed it through a fixed object, then back onto the bag. You could be sitting at cafe and have your bag secured to the leg of your chair or table. This helps in preventing an opportunistic thief from snatching your bag and running away with it, while you were momentarily distracted.


How can anti-theft bags help avoid pickpocketing?


The best way to deter pickpockets is to ensure that they can’t get into your bag easily. Zoomlite anti-theft bags have special clips which allow you to secure the zipper pullers of the bags. This makes it hard for even the most experienced pickpocket to get into your bag without you being aware of it.


Are the straps of anti-theft bags made of steel?


No, the straps are not made of steel. They are made of the same material as the bag but have a flexible steel cable inlaid into the strap. The flexible cable coated with plastic is lightweight and invisible to the naked eye. The cable in no way makes the straps less comfortable to use. In fact it makes the strap very resistant to most cutters. Odds are that after a few tugs and slashes, most thieves would move on to an easier target.


Why not just make the bags out of Kevlar


There are several reasons why Zoomlite bags are far superior to any bags made out of Kevlar.The fabric we use in the vulnerable panels of our bags is significantly more resistant to slashing in comparison to Kevlar. But it’s not just us that thinks so. The internationally recognised ISO cut resistant grading system gives fabric a score from 1 to 5, with Kevlar usually scoring a level 2 or in unique circumstances a level 3. The fabric we use scores a level 5, the highest cut resistant grading possible. Kevlar is also traditionally poor at reflecting UV and can weaken or discolour if exposed to direct sunlight.


Your bags used to have steel mesh panels, why the change?


The simple answer to that question is that the cut-resistant fabric we use to produce this new anti-theft design is a much better solution. It’s stronger, more durable, lighter, and less likely to damage your belongings or cut your skin if exposed. We are always striving to ensure that all of our customers spend less time worrying about theft, and just enjoy their travels – this new design is better at doing that.


Why don’t you call these cut-proof bags?


Of course we would like to claim that our bags are cut-proof, but in reality that is simply impossible. Even though our bags are made with the best technology and highest grading of cut resistant fabric, if someone spent long enough trying to cut into them they would eventually make their way through. After all it is fabric, not steel. If you want to keep your things safe from pickpockets or bag slashers, then our bags are a great solution. But if you’re looking for an indestructible, cut-proof bag that can never be opened – buy a safe. Very similar to Q7, but better sounding question…


Is the bag bulletproof?


No! Absolutely 100% NOT! No fabric will protect you from a gunshot. It is irresponsible to even imply otherwise. Don’t consider this, or any other textile, for gunshot protection even for a second.


If this fabric is so great, why isn’t it being used for other applications where it could save lives?


That is exactly what this fabric is currently being used for. Law enforcement, homeland security, and mental health institutions all over the world use this fabric to ward off the risk of vulnerable material being slashed or torn. Our unique design is one of the first to make this extremely durable fabric available to every day consumers for travelling, going to work, or keeping your belongings safe on a weekend getaway.


Are the anti-theft bags water proof?


Most Zoomlite anti-theft bags are made from a soft touch nylon that is water repellant. They will ensure that your valuables inside stay safe if you get caught in a rain shower, but are not designed for prolonged soaking in heavy rain. Most Zoomlite anti-theft backpacks are made from water repellant nylon too and have waterproof zippers for extra protection.


Are they only meant for travel


Zoomlite anti theft bags and backpacks are designed to keep your valuables safe and secure when you travel. Current styling and trends ensure that they are functional and up to date. As such these bags are not limited to be used only when you travel. They can be used as an everyday bag while you are out and about the urban jungle.


How do you clean these bags?


We suggest just wipe your bag with a soft cloth soaked in warm water. For more stubborn stains use a light detergent.


How are cross body straps useful?


Cross body straps help you keep your hands free while you are out and about. They also help add an extra layer of security from bag snatchers, as it allows you to keep your handbag closer to you and to the front rather than at the side or the back. It also deters thieves from snatching your bag as they cannot easily grab it off your shoulder.


Will Zoomlite reimburse me if my bag or my stuff gets damaged or stolen?


No. We cannot accept liability for any actual, consequential, or incidental damages or losses incurred as a result of using a Zoomlite product. Though we are confident that we produce the best and most secure products available, we cannot control the situation and circumstances in which they are used, or the forces to which they may be subjected.


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