Your Purchase Makes a Difference

We believe in ethical business practice and empowering people around the world. Through your purchases we are able to give back to communities in need.

Your support directly impacts the lives of women, children and communities across the far-flung globe.

Why We Care

Every purchase online at Zoomlite supports our mission to give back. We are passionate about sharing and support, creating ethical solutions, and seeking innovative ways to help people improve their lives.

We create travel solutions to help people like you explore the world and feel safe in doing so. But we also want to take that one step further, and help build a softer, kinder world for all.

In this modern day & age where the media and web play a pivotal role – now is the time more than ever where we all need to get together unanimously to help communities in need.

How We Give

We believe in sustainable and responsible giving to causes that both capture our values and help connect communities.

We have partnered with Global Giving, a non-profit organisation that supports projects and communities in need. Through this partnership we can help charities in different parts of the globe access tools, training and funds to benefit their local community. We adore the ethos behind Global Giving which is geared towards bringing about sustainable positive change

Who We Give To

As part of our journey to bring the most beneficial change where it is needed, we choose projects vetted by Global Giving that we believe will help bring about lasting change to places it is needed.

We vary the projects that we support, but will continue to focus on the things we value most – empowering women, protecting children and supporting & sustaining our planet.


Making a difference one stitch at a time


Empowering women with sustainable livelihood by Rajasthan Samgrah Kalyan Sansthan

We chose to be a part of a project that donates sewing machines to 500 women living below the poverty line in Rajasthan. By helping to provide women with a skill and the tools they need, they will have the means to support their families and the chance to carve out a brighter, more sustainable future. The very essence of empowerment.


Anjali left school in 6th standard. She is now married and a mother. Raju, her husband works to feed the family, but his income in not sufficient for them to meet their basic requirements. Anjali possesses a talented personality since childhood, but the situations didn't allow her to progress in life.

She had the dream to be a fashion designer, but the circumstances restricted her to make her dream true and she had become a school drop out after 6th standard. One day when she came to know about RSKS's Garment Making Skill Development training program, she expressed her desire to join the training. The Team RSKS registered her for the trainings.

After completing the training, Anjali started sewing at her home taking orders of local customers and her quality work increased the number of customers. Now, she earns INR 6,000 to - 8,000 per month and conributes to make life better of the family members.

In Anjali's words: "sewing machine is not just a tool or equipment for me, it is a weapon for me to fight with my poverty. Now, I feel that my dream has got wings."

Anjali - 29 years

Amina Bano - 32 years

Amina Bano is 32 years old who got married 4 years ago but the sudden death of her husband got her isolated from her family and society.

When she came to know about the garment making training being organized by RSKS, she immediately got herself registered as a trainee and completed the training. At the completion of the training, she got free sewing machine by the organization with the financial support of GlobalGiving Foundation and the donors.

Now, Amina Bano works at her home and earns livelihood. According to her, she is now stable and has become self-reliant.

Let's Thrive Together

As it is your purchases that enables this giving, we want you to have your say. If there's a project that you strongly believe in then do reach out via email and lets find a way together to share the love & support