Using the Zoomlite UV-C Sanitiser

Connect to Power

Plug in one end of the supplied USB Type C cable to the back of the unit and the other to a 18W USB Power Source (not supplied as standard with UVSAN).

Correct Adaptor

The required specification is 18W 5V/3A - 9V/2A. Apple adapters with some older iPhones and iPads may not work, but iPhone 11 & some iPad pro's 11" onwards with power adapters of 18W should work.

For a limited time you can purchase the adapter directly from us.

Power Up

The red light should now light up. Wait 30 seconds while the device powers up. The red light will turn off when the UVSAN is ready.

Getting Ready

Place your phone and/or other items into the Sanitiser to be sanitised and close the lid (Note: items that touch the edges, or are stacked won't be fully sanitised). Only items exposed directly to the UV-C lights will be sanitised effectively.

59 sec Quick Cycle

Pressing the top button once (for 1 short press) starts a 59-second sanitisation cycle, which is indicated by a blue light.

5 Min Cycle

Pressing the top button twice quickly (close together) starts the 5 minute sanitisation cycle, which will be indicated by a green light.
Note: if the first button press hasn't registered it may put it into 59-second mode with 2 presses. You can press the button again to change the mode, you do not have to wait until the cycle is finished

Sanitising Modes

You can view the cycle selection video here


Before you start your preferred cycles, you can also place a couple of drops of an essential oil to freshen up your items. This is not designed for use with alcohol-base fragrances such as perfume.

In Progress

Wait for your selected cycle to finish. The unit will make 3 short beeps to indicate that it is finished.
Note: if your item had surfaces touching the bottom or edge, or was folded (such as a wallet or mask) you can turn the item over, open the item, or reposition it to expose a different side and repeat the cycle


You can now safely remove your items.
Should you open the lid during a cycle the UVSAN will turn off the sanitisation function automatically and recommence once the lid is closed for your safety.

Wireless Charging

Built-in external 15W wireless charging, suitable for all Qi enabled phones without any need to attach any charging cable to the phone.

UVSAN is your best defense in the fight against germs

We wash our hands all the time but not our smartphones. Now you can !

Did you know that your smartphone is the most frequently touched item every day? Studies have shown that your phone is up to 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat! Eliminate dangerous germs and bacteria, also sanitise other personal items like jewellery, watches, pens, glasses, masks and keys with the Zoomlite UVSAN. Keep your items refreshed with your favourite fragrance with the built-in essential oil diffuser! Using high intensity advanced LEDS with Ultra Violet - C frequency technology, this handy and portable sanitiser eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria and germs from all exposed surfaces without using any heat, liquids or corrosive chemicals. Boasting a short 59-second cycle for a quick in-between clean and a 5 minute cycle for a deep cleanse - this is your best defence against germs and bacteria.