Globe Trotter 10 Pc Bundle

Globe Trotter Colours


What is the new bundle?

The new bundle is called Globetrotter and is a value bundle of 10 packing cubes - 2 Large, 2 Medium, 1 Slim medium, 2 Small, 1 Extra small and 2 Slim cubes.

How much is the new bundle?

The new bundle will retail for A $ 99 online. This includes free standard shipping worldwide.

How is it different from the current Ultimate 10 Pc Bundle?

The differences are -

  • Newer Material Pattern - but it is still a lightweight ripstop as the previous bundle
  • Different Configuration - We have replaced the 3 piece pouch set in the Ultimate bundle with a Large Cube and 2 slim cubes. hence the total volume of the new bundle is significantly more.
  • Label Window - all 10 pcs will have our latest feature (a label window) to allow you to label the contents of your cube. We also supply a sheet of tear off labels with every bundle to get you started.
  • New Colours - We now offer 8 colours with some new additions like Navy, Aqua, Silver & Plum.
  • Premium Finish - We have given the new cubes a makeover with improved zippers and zipper pullers to achieve an overall more premium finish, whilst still making it easier to use.

Why did you change the configuration?

We surveyed many of our packing customers to understand what they liked or did not like about the Ultimate Bundle. We asked them what features they would like to see in future versions.

Based on their feedback and with our own research we came up with the most desired configuration in Globetrotter. We believe this to be a very optimum pack that will easily satisfy the needs of most travellers. The 10 pieces in the Globetrotter bundle will easily be sufficient for a large check in case and a carry on case in most circumstances.

Why is this priced more than the Ultimate bundle?

Our Ultimate Bundle is currently priced at $90 and is going up in price to $95 from 23rd September. We have been forced to increase prices due to rising production costs and a weaker Australian Dollar.

The Globetrotter Bundle will only be $4 more - at $99 but it will have so much more value -

  • greater storage volume overall, three more cubes instead of three pouches.
  • label windows on all cubes for easy identification/separation,
  • improved materials and finish.

We are very confident that this is the best value bundle you can buy and represents nearly 50% savings as compared to buying them individually.

When will this be available?

We are planning to make this available online from the first week of October.

Do you offer assorted colour packs in this bundle?

Absolutely. When we surveyed our packing cube users we were asked a lot for assorted colours in a pack. So we have introduced 2 assorted colour packs - each pack will have an assortment of 3 colours and this will be available at $104 online.

Can we make make our own selection of sizes and colours?

Yes. This option will be available from the first week of November. You can choose colours and sizes to suit your needs. And yes there will be discounts available when you buy 7 or more pieces. We are going to make the eligibility of the 7 pieces broader allowing you to mix it with our accessories - like tech cube, shoe cube, garment folder etc.

This will give you more savings overall. We will be releasing details of this shortly along with all the exciting new accessories that are coming.

How does this compare with the cheaper bundles available on Amazon and ebay?

We cannot compete and compare with the cheaper unbranded cubes that have flooded various marketplaces online. We pride ourselves on our quality and customer service.

We are very confident to state that we have the largest assortment of colours and sizes of any packing cube brand in the world. And yes this is continuing to grow exponentially with lots of exciting new prints available in late November.

Our value bundles are the best value bundles you can buy for comparable quality to other name brands but we offer more generous sizing, large colour choices, 100% money back guarantee and almost overnight delivery to most locations in Australia.

The thousands of satisfied customer reviews on our site are a testament to the quality of our product.

It is not just customers but critics also love our cubes. No wonder we are often asked to personalise and customise cubes for various brands and organisations.

Hugh Jackman World Tour 2019

Recently we were approached by Teg Dainty to customise our packing cubes and tech cube for Hugh Jackman's recently concluded Australian & New Zealand Tour.