Travel Safe & Secure With Anti Theft Bags

Did You Know ?

Every week, an average of 19 Australiansare robbed overseas with many having their holidays plunged into chaos as a result
- Source: Dept. of Foreign Affairs & Trade ( DFAT)

According to recent stats, Australian travellers lodged over 248,000 travel insurance claims - more than 33% of all claims were theft related.

According to a survey of Australian travellers by Travel Insurance Direct (TID) - one in eight respondents reported having been robbed or scammed at some point while abroad.

Why Travel with an Anti-Theft Bag


The simple answer is to protect your valuables. The top problem faced by travellers when abroad, whether they are in Paris, Rome, Barcelona or Hanoi is theft. It's impractical to not take anything of value. You still have to keep your valuables like your wallet, credit cards, cash and passport safe.

Slash and run thieves as well as professional pickpockets are common in many popular international tourist destinations. On top of that you now have to contend with the modern day cyber thief. They can easily steal your identity from your credit cards and e-passports.

Anti-theft bags can help protect your valuables and belongings by making it more difficult for opportunistic thieves to slash through your bag or even cut off the strap and run away with it.

5 Important Safety Features in an Anti-Theft bag


Cut Proof Straps

Bag snatchers frequently resort to cutting bag straps with knives before escaping with the bag and its contents. Straps reinforced with concealed, flexible steel cables reduce the likelihood of this while remaining invisible to the eye. Yet they are flexible and comfortable to wear while you are out and about, even after long periods of time.

Pickpocket Safe Compartments

Pickpockets love an easy target. Most pickpocketing happens in crowded areas like tourist attractions, crowded buses and train stations. It takes only a few seconds for a thief to easily unzip your bag after getting close to you, and remove your wallet, passport, camera and other valuables. Specifically designed to thwart the attempts of pickpockets, anti-theft bags incorporate lockable zip pullers to make them extra secure. Even experienced pickpockets will not be able to get access to your bag without your knowledge.

RFID Blocking Sections

Card scanning and ID fraud are ever present dangers for travellers. Modern day pickpockets can now silently download your personal credit card information and ID data easily with handheld "skimming" devices. This is done through your wallet or purse without you even being aware of it. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) is also found in new e-passports and contains all the information that is present on the first page of your passport. Dedicated sections lined with a special shielding material blocks the transmission of RFID signals.

Slash Proof Panels

Usually bag slashers will slash your bags in crowded areas so that your valuables fall out easily into their hands. Vulnerable sections of anti-theft bags are reinforced with lightweight flexible steel mesh panels, which are fitted internally. The panels are embedded between the outer fabric and the inner lining of the anti-theft bags. These panels add an extra layer of security by making it difficult for bag slashers to get their hands on your valuables.



Safe-n-Secure Buckle

It only takes a moment to be distracted to allow your bag to be grabbed by opportunistic bag thieves. The Safe'n Secure feature allows the shoulder strap to be unhooked from one end of the bag and looped securely through any fixed post like a chair or table, back onto the bag.


Explore Anti-Theft Security Features in Zoomlite Metroshield Anti-Theft bags


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The Zoomlite Advantage


Zoomlite Metroshield Anti-Theft bags are designed to look like your stylish every day bag. It's very important not to stand out as a stranger in a new place. Zoomlite anti-theft bags offers you a wide choice of colours, shapes and sizes and are designed to be lightweight & functional. You're sure to find one that is just perfect for you, to make your travels more comfortable and stress-free! What's more you will want to continue using it as an everyday bag like a lot of our happy customers.

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The Messenger


  • Tear Resistant Soft Touch Water Repellent Fabric
  • Slip in compartment for iPad/tablet
  • Internal Organisation with multiple sections
  • Water Bottle holder
  • Cross Body Strap

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Anti Theft Shoulder Bag


The Shoulder Bag


  • Tear Resistant Soft Touch Water Repellent Fabric
  • Slip in compartment for mini tablet
  • Internal Organisation with multiple sections
  • Cross Body Strap

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The Backpack


  • Lightweight Tear Resistant Nylon
  • Padded Laptop & tablet Sections
  • Utility External Zipped pockets
  • 15 litres

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Anti Theft Slim Crossbody Bag


The Slim Crossbody


  • Tear Resistant Soft Touch Water Repellent Fabric
  • Functional & Stylish
  • Internal Organisation with multiple sections
  • Cross Body Strap

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The Large Backpack


  • Lightweight Tear Resistant Nylon
  • Padded Laptop & tablet Sections
  • Utility External Zipped pockets
  • Vented Comfort Back Padding
  • 21 litres

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Anti theft backpack


What is RFID?


RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. It refers to a small electronic chip that stores information. This chip is found in most modern day paywave, paypass style credit cards as well as e-passports. RFID is also present in id cards and public transport stored value cards like Opal and Myki. The information stored on this chip can be read with the use of radio waves by using a reader from upto several feet away. The chip and reader don’t have to touch.

RFID is a technology that makes life more convenient, but can also lead to security and privacy issues. Criminals are able to read the sensitive personal data stored in RFID chips - such as credit card numbers, your personal details including name and date of birth. This information in the wrong hands can easily be misused. Hence, bags and purses with special RFID shielding material are able to prevent unauthorised scanning of your RFID cards and passports, preventing identity theft.


Where should I place my credit cards and passports?


Zoomlite anti-theft bags have special dedicated pockets and sections that are made using a special shielding material. This blocks the unauthorised scanning of your credit cards and passports. The protected areas are usually indicated with the RFID symbol printed on the lining of these areas. They vary between products and can be a large pocket or a complete zippered compartment. Please check your bag carefully to identify this special section.


How do you securely lockdown your bag?


Zoomlite anti-theft bags and backpacks come with a secure lockable carabiner. This helps you to unhook your strap from one end and feed it through a fixed object, then back onto the bag. You could be sitting at cafe and have your bag secured to the leg of your chair or table. This helps in preventing an opportunistic thief from snatching your bag and running away with it, while you were momentarily distracted.


How can anti-theft bags help avoid pickpocketing?


The best way to deter pickpockets is to ensure that they can’t get into your bag easily. Zoomlite anti-theft bags have special clips which allow you to secure the zipper pullers of the bags. This makes it hard for even the most experienced pickpocket to get into your bag without you being aware of it.


Are the straps of anti-theft bags made of steel?


No, the straps are not made of steel. They are made of the same material as the bag but have a flexible steel cable inlaid into the strap. The cable is lightweight, flexible and invisible to the naked eye. The cable in no way makes the straps less comfortable to use. The steel cable resists slashing and makes it harder for slash and go thieves to cut the strap of your bag and make a quick getaway.


Do the steel panels make the bag heavy?


No, the steel panels used in Zoomlite anti-theft bags and backpacks are made from lightweight, flexible steel wire. The panels are made like a mesh and embedded between the outer fabric and the inner lining of vulnerable areas of the bags. These panels resist slashing making it harder for opportunistic bag slashers to slash your bag and get to your valuables easily.


Do the slash-proof panels mean that the bag cannot be cut?


No, the slash proof panels simply makes it harder for a bag slasher to slash your bag quickly by resisting slashing. The steel reinforced mesh in these panels ensure that if you are unlucky enough to have your bag slashed by a bag slasher your belongings won’t easily fall into their hands.


Are the anti-theft bags water proof?


Most Zoomlite anti-theft bags are made from a soft touch nylon that is water repellant. They will ensure that your valuables inside stay safe if you get caught in a rain shower, but are not designed for prolonged soaking in heavy rain. Most Zoomlite anti-theft backpacks are made from water repellant nylon too and have waterproof zippers for extra protection.


Are they only meant for travel


Zoomlite anti theft bags and backpacks are designed to keep your valuables safe and secure when you travel. Current styling and trends ensure that they are functional and up to date. As such these bags are not limited to be used only when you travel. They can be used as an everyday bag while you are out and about the urban jungle.


How do you clean these bags?


We suggest just wipe your bag with a soft cloth soaked in warm water. For more stubborn stains use a light detergent.


How are cross body straps useful?


Cross body straps help you keep your hands free while you are out and about. They also help add an extra layer of security from bag snatchers, as it allows you to keep your handbag closer to you and to the front rather than at the side or the back. It also deters thieves from snatching your bag as they cannot easily grab it off your shoulder.


Some Tips for safe Travel


  1. Always wear your bag cross body style, with the strap across your body, making it harder to steal.
  2. Keep your bag positioned towards the front when walking. Hold it close to you in crowded public areas.
  3. Avoid walking next to the kerb where your travel bag can be yanked easily from your arm for a quick getaway.
  4. Avoid taking valuables in your travel bag when visiting markets, public events, festivals and crowded tourist areas.
  5. Carry a spare wallet with little cash in case you are forced to handover your wallet when mugged.
  6. Research your destination prior to arrival for scams and thefts

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