Our Mission

We believe in travel
that blends purpose with play

We believe in travel
that blends purpose with play

Travel is adventure, discovery, experience and relaxation

But it’s also so much more. Regardless of your travel style, there’s purpose at the core of every trip. Each excursion does double duty by simultaneously allowing us to discover more about ourselves and our world while we’re at play.

Our mission is to keep you focused on your journey. We do this by providing travel packing accessories that will keep your luggage organised and your valuables secure: for less stress and more sightseeing.

We specialise in essentials

that make travel easy

Travel is also packing, unpacking, airports and transfers

This is the stressful part and we understand that. That’s why we’ve used our 20+ years of experience in the luggage design and manufacturing industry towards creating travel essentials and accessories that make the stressful parts easier.

We put the traveller at the front and centre of each design and we’re committed to finding all the solutions to the challenges that you can encounter on the road. From making Zoomshield RFID blocking technology a standard in all our wallets and passport holders; using straps that are anti-theft; to creating a range of packing cubes that will make you love living out of a suitcase - we’ve got all baggage bases covered

Our Collection

We began our company by exploring what was missing from the luggage market. What we found was a need for more efficient packing solutions and specialised products to help keep large suitcases organised. Our very first product was inspired by a childhood memory of up-cycled fabric fashioned into zippered clothing boxes - a packing cube.

Since then, we have added an array of products for every possible packing problem. Our range now includes compression cubes, toiletry bags, garment bags, sustainable packing cubes, and more.

We’ve even expanded our range to include larger bags for every type of traveller. Our collection includes practical backpacks for globetrotters, stylish luggage for jet-setting fashionistas and sturdy messenger bags for urban commuters.

Each product is lightweight to keep you within baggage restrictions while being durable enough to keep up with frequent-flyers. Our designs are fashionable but also functional and secure to keep your trip stress-free. Our products give your luggage purpose so that you can focus on play.

Our Commitment to Community