NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set
NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set

NEOS Ultimate Explorer Set

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All NEOS bundles are now sold out. You can still purchase the cases individually. You will save 15% when you purchase any 2 NEOS cases.

Our New NEOS bundles will be available in October!

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  • 2 NEOS Cases + Free Globetrotter Bundle
  • Aerospace-Grade Makrolon® German Polycarbonate Shell
  • Four high-end 360° Hinomoto Japanese spinner wheels
  • Integrated TSA-Approved Lock
  • Multi-stop telescoping trolley handle
  • Anti-Theft Double Coil Premium Zippers
  • Check-In With Front Opening Design - great for confined spaces and easy packing
  • Check-In With Expandable Design For Extra Space When You Need It Most
  • Carry-On With Secure Lockable Hard-Shell Front Pocket – Accommodates a 15" Laptop and iPad Pro
  • 10-Year Warranty, 100-Day Returns, and Complimentary Shipping Across Australia

What's Included



  1. NEOS Carry-On Pro
    Your indispensable travel companion. Its cleverly designed front zip pocket offers quick and secure access to your essentials, turning hectic travel moments into a breeze. Slide in your passport and wallet, zip up, and you're ready to navigate the busiest terminals with ease and style.
  2. NEOS Large Check-In
    Discover the art of organised travel with the Neos Large Check-In. Its top opening design revolutionises packing, offering unparalleled ease, especially in tight spaces. The spacious interior, thoughtfully designed for meticulous travellers, ensures everything has its place
  3. Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle 
    Our best selling packing bundle consisting of 10 packing cubes perfectly complements your NEOS case, enhances organisation, boosts packing efficiency.

    Together, they form a cohesive travel solution, keeping you organised and stylish on the go. It's not just luggage- it's your travel revolution.

NEOS Carry-On Pro

External Dimensions Including Wheels: - 52 x 38 x 23 cms 

Internal Dimensions Excluding Wheels: - 46.5 x 37 x 21 cms (Main Section), 34 x 35 x 2 cms ( Front Pocket)

Weight:  - 3.4 Kgs

Volume:  - 36L ( main section), 3L (front pocket)


NEOS Large Check In

External Dimensions Including Wheels: - 73 x 52 x 31 cms 

Internal Dimensions Excluding Wheels:  - 67 x 48 x 30 cms, 67 x 48 x 34 cms (when expanded)

Weight:  - 4.8 Kgs

Volume: - 96L, 109L when expanded

Globetrotter 10 Pc Bundle

  • X-Small - 22 x 15 x 8 cms

  • Small - 27 x 19 x 8 cms (2 pieces)

  • Slim-Medium - 36 x 25 x 8 cms

  • Medium - 36 x 25 x 12 cms (2 pieces)

  • Large - 43 x 33 x 12 cms (2 pieces)

  • Small tube - 27 x 14 x 8 cms

  • Large tube - 38 x 14 x 12 cms

  • Weight of bundle - 900 grams for all cubes.


Warranty: Neos comes with a 10 Year limited warranty covering manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover wear and tear, airline damage, accidental damage and misuse.

FREE Shipping across Australia 

However, certain remote locations may incur extra shipping cost. We will let you know if there is an additional charge once we receive your order.



Other Locations

We are currently unable to ship this to any other country including New Zealand.

Your order will be sent within 2-4 Business days from our Melbourne warehouse. 

Please refer to your shipping confirmation email to track your order. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care team anytime!

Why we made NEOS

Zoomlite's mission is to empower travellers with products that enable effortless, free, and confident journeys.

Our focus is on innovative design and superior quality, ensuring every travel experience is seamless and enjoyable.

Enter Neos, Greek for 'new', embodying innovation and a fresh approach to travel.

Effortless Packing

Our experience with packing cubes and insights from seasoned travellers have culminated in the creation of the Neos' top-opening design.

This innovative approach allows for effortless packing and unpacking, especially in tight spaces, making your travel smoother and more convenient.

With Neos, we're unfolding a new era in travel where convenience meets our longstanding expertise in smart packing.

Exclusive Quality, Inclusive Pricing

Our direct-to-consumer (D2C) approach means Neos offers unparalleled value for money.

By bypassing traditional retail channels, we deliver premium quality and exceptional functionality directly to you, without the premium price tag.

Durability Meets Design

With Neos, durability is as integral as design. Every Neos suitcase is engineered to withstand the rigours of travel, marrying enduring polycarbonate shells with premium zippers and handles.

But don't just take our word for it. Witness the resilience of Neos for yourself on our Luggage Quality Testing page, where we showcase the rigorous testing process that ensures your travel companion is not only visually impressive but also robust enough to stand the test of time and travel.

Neos is not just luggage; it’s a durable travel companion for life’s adventures.

Flip the lid, not the bag

Our front-opening design on the Check-In case is more than a feature; it's a thoughtful innovation crafted to ease your travel burdens, making every packing experience personally satisfying.

It is a dream in tight hotel rooms, offering easy unpacking without the hassle of rearranging your cozy space

Front Pocket Freedom

Keep your essentials at your fingertips. Our Carry-on’s front access is perfect for your passport, boarding pass, or laptop – all lockable for peace of mind.

It’s like having a personal travel assistant, keeping everything important easily accessible and secure.

Ultimate Travel Bundle

Enjoy Seamless Journeys with a Free Globetrotter Packing Set

Carry-On Pro

Tailored for smart travel, features a secure laptop compartment and easy mobility.

  • Centre Opening
  • Front pocket access
  • TSA Lock with charging port
  • 36L Main + 3L Front Pocket
  • Domestic & Int'l Carry-On Approved

Large Check In

The Large Check-In offers ample space for extended trips or families

  • Top Loading
  • Expanders for extra space
  • TSA approved combination lock
  • 96L + 13L when expanded

Globetrotter Packing Bundle

Maximises your packing ease, seamlessly fitting both NEOS cases

  • 10 Packing Cubes
  • 7 Assorted Sizes
  • Recycled Ripstop Polyester
  • Integrated Label Windows
  • Premium zippers

Tough elegance in motion

We know your belongings are more than just items; they're part of your story. Our aerospace-grade German polycarbonate shell is designed to safeguard your travel essentials, ensuring they're always there to keep your story going.

A subtly textured, matte finish elevates your travel style while reducing the visibility of scratches.

Move like you've never moved before

Glide on a dream with wheels that whisper tales of smooth journeys. They're not just wheels; they're silent companions on your adventurous escapades.

Our premium Hinomoto wheels, crafted with Japanese precision provide 360-degree manoeuvrability, designed to be felt but never heard.

Your perfect hold

Not just adjustable, but intuitively designed for your comfort. It's a smart blend of ergonomics and innovation, ensuring every pull and push is just right.

What makes us different

100 Days To Try

Try it out for 100 days. If you decide that Neos is not for you, send it back for an exchange or refund. Learn more.

Free Shipping

We will cover shipping on all Neos cases within Australia. Some remote locations may incur extra shipping costs.


Every Neos suitcase comes with a limited 10 year warranty. More details.

Zippers with a Purpose

Your peace of mind is paramount. Our double coil zippers are not just about security; they're a commitment to protecting what matters most to you

Expand Your Horizons

Extra room, is just a zip away. Our Neos expanders effortlessly accommodate those last-minute items, ensuring you always have space for a bit more.

Packing Revolution: Top-Loading vs Traditional Suitcases

Ease of Packing
Learn More

Neos transforms the packing experience with its open, single compartment design, offering hassle-free placement of items.

Traditional suitcases, with their split, book-style opening, often complicate packing, particularly with bulky items.

Stability and Accessibility
Learn More

Neos stays stable and accessible, even when fully open, eliminating the need to support or balance a heavy lid.

Traditional designs can be cumbersome, often requiring extra space and effort to keep both halves stable during packing and unpacking.

Compact Unpacking
Learn More

Neos requires less room to unpack, making it perfect for tight spaces. Traditional suitcases often need double the space when laid flat, making them less ideal for small hotel rooms or confined areas.

Designed for Packing Cubes
Learn more

Neos and Zoomlite's packing cubes are a perfect match, enhancing organisation and accessibility.

While traditional suitcases can also use packing cubes, the Neos design amplifies their effectiveness.

Weight Distribution
Learn more

Neos offers a more balanced weight distribution, reducing strain when lifting or carrying.

Traditional suitcases, especially when packed unevenly, can be awkward to handle, leading to discomfort during transport.

Getting started

NEOS is designed in Australia and made in China

Currently Neos comes in 3 sizes -

Carry-on Pro - 52 x 38 x 23 cms 

Medium Check In - 63 x 43 x 29 cms 

Large Check In - 73 x 52 x 31 cms 

The above dimensions include the wheels. For more specifications please check the individual pages.


Due to the bulky nature of luggage we are currently only shipping to Australia & New Zealand.

Shipping is free within Australia for all Neos suitcases.

However, certain remote locations may incur extra shipping cost. We will let you know if there is an additional charge once we receive your order.

N.B: Free shipping will cover all all metropolitan areas and major regional areas.

The shipping charge to New Zealand is NZ$30


At Zoomlite, we have designed NEOS to elevate your travel experience.
However, for any reason, if you're not completely satisfied with your NEOS luggage, you can return the product within 100 days of your order for a full refund to the original payment method.
Ensure the item is unused, in its original condition, and in its original packaging.

Exceptions to the 100-Day Return Policy:

  • Used items: Must be in unused, original condition and packaging.
  • Bulk orders: Not applicable for (orders of 3+ units for both individuals and corporate customers).

This policy does not affect the NEOS product’s warranty. We offer a complimentary limited 10-year Warranty on Neos against manufacturing faults.


Zoomlite stands firmly behind the quality of it's products. Every piece of Neos luggage purchased directly from Zoomlite comes with a 10 year warranty against any material and manufacturing defects for the original owner.

This warranty also applies to Zoomlite products bought through authorised third-party retailers.

What the Warranty Does Not Cover:

  • Cosmetic Wear: This includes any superficial damages such as scratches, dents, marks, scuffs, or stains. Also not covered are changes in colour, everyday wear and tear (inclusive of internal fabric), and any updates in technology.
  • Replacement of non-defective parts.
  • Damage we determine to be from intentional abuse, modification, tampering, accidents, abrasion, exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, acids or alteration beyond normal use.
  • Normal wear and tear or airline damage or damage by common carriers

N.B: We highly recommend that you inspect your luggage thoroughly after every trip and contact the airline to lodge a claim for any damage in transit.

Warranty Claim Process:

  • If your luggage sustains damage to a specific part, we'll dispatch a replacement component along with guidance for its installation. Please be aware that shipping and processing depend on the availability of parts.
  • In situations where the damaged parts are irreparable or irreplaceable, we will supply alternative luggage. It's important to note that exact replacements for limited edition, discontinued, or out-of-stock items cannot be assured. However, we guarantee that any substitute will match or exceed the retail value of your original item.
  • Warranty claims are subject to our discretion, and we reserve the right to decline a claim if it does not meet our criteria.

At Zoomlite, we are committed to ensuring your travel gear is dependable and resilient, making your journey smoother and more enjoyable.

T & C's

If you decide that the NEOS bundle is not for you you must return all 3 items for a refund. If you decide to return any one of the cases, we can only give you a pro-rata refund and charge you for the Globetrotter Bundle.

The Globetrotter bundle is only included FREE, with the 2 cases being purchased together.

Still have questions? Drop us a line and get in touch.