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    Packing cubes turn your suitcase from a shell that holds a jumble of clothes, to a perfectly organised portable wardrobe! The great thing is they’re so flexible, they can be used to organise toiletries & cosmetics, jewellery, socks and undergarments, shoes, shirts, trousers, formalwear and so much more! They are designed to ensure optimum use of space, reduce wrinkles and dust, eliminate odours and hide your contents from prying eyes. Gone are the days of using ziplock bags to separate your belongings. 


    Zoomlite’s eco-friendly range of sustainable packing cubes is the perfect way to do your bit for the planet, while being organised on your travels. Made from recycled single-use plastic bottles, they help the environment without skimping on the premium features you get from Zoomlite packing cubes. 


    Featuring our unique #TagIt label windows, carry handles, breathable mesh panels and sturdy easy-open zippers, these sustainable packing cubes are the perfect way to pack your suitcase


    Build your own custom set, choosing the sizes and colours to suit your needs, or get great savings by buying a pre-built bundle. You can get a starter set for a variety of our different sizes, or go for the sustainable staycation bundle, perfect for organising a medium suitcase. 


    With slim cubes to fill the gaps in your suitcase and pouches for your hair, makeup and toiletries, there’s plenty to choose from. 


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